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Durga Puja, the most happening festival of our state which can be sensed with its spurt of fanfare on all four days of the Durga Puja festival. This autumnal festival popularly known as Dussehra, recalls the power of female Shakti symbolized by the Goddess Durga who slays asura to re-establish peace and sanctity on earth again. During these days of Durga Puja, people rejoice to their heart’s content reconnecting with friends and relatives.


Durga Puja is an occasion when the familiar sound of Ghanta, Sambalpuri Baja, renowned bands gives a familiar tug. Here we would like you the plans of our Ollywood stars and renowned personalities.


Superstar Anubhav Mohanty: This is going to be our 1st Dussehera after marriage. We’ll celebrate with our families and will pray for us as well as for the whole world’s peace.

Yukttaa Rakshit: It will be very special for me, as this year I can celebrate Durga puja not only in Kolkata but also in Cuttack. I love to watch the colorful lights in puja pandal when I cross Badambadi I see half-made pandals(mandap) which is very similar to Kolkata. I love shopping during the festive season. I will attend some Durga Puja Pandal (Mandap) opening in Odisha. I came to Cuttack for the 1st time in 2011 for the movie SWYAMSIDHA, and that year 4 Odia films released in Puja but one thing I feel sad about this year, only 2 movies released.

It is a really bad phase for Ollywood. According to me, Ollywood needs some fresh and new concept movie not copy the movie. MU TARA KIYE? Is a new concept, entertaining, original story based movie.

 Basant Sahoo (Director): I celebrate puja every year in Cuttack. This year I am very much excited about my movie MU TARA KIYE! It will be releasing after Puja.

Binay Nanda (Bijay Telecom, Cuttack): Puja is the time of fun, meeting friends, and spending time with family. Every year I with friends visit different Puja mandaps and this year also have plans to enjoy the biggest festive of this millennium city.


Mihir Das:  Usually I take a rest and I love to spend time with my family in puja. I am very much hopeful for my upcoming movie MU TARA KIYE ! which is all set to release after puja. You can enjoy me as a hero against 22yrs old girl YUKTTAA.

Graphic Layout designed by Jyotirmaya Mohanty (Odisha Graphic)

Jyotirmaya Mohanty (Odisha Graphic): Durga Puja has always been special for me. It’s the time to take off from work and meet friends and loved ones. Wish you all a very Happy Durga Puja.

Mr.Litu (Chalachitra Jagata): Like every year, this year also our magazine’s “CHALACHITRA JAGATA” Puja subscription is published, and it’s time to enjoy the festive. As Puja is the biggest festival of we Katkis.

Rabijit Khuntia (Newsys Solutions, Founder): Will visit Puja mandaps in the capital city and seek blessings of Goddess Durga. Like every year, I celebrate Durga Puja with family.

Mrudu Malay Mohapatra
(Founder OdiaLive.com/Apnafilms.com/Dhooni.in/RbKraftz.com):

Lots of fun, time of joy. Cuttack Durga Puja has always been special for me since childhood. So forget the world, it’s time to visit each and every Puja Mandaps in the city. And about Odia films, have watched Mental, it’s awesome. Wish you all a very happy Puja.

Rj. Swati: When it’s Dussehra, and that too in Cuttack, I enjoy the fullest .. Meeting with friends, relatives, too many delicious foods, late-night visit of Puja Mandaps .. all are really a little part of fun which simultaneously give a happy and sacred feeling in Durga Puja.

T.Shourie (Singer / T.Shourie Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Founder): I have composed and sung for a devotional music album “Udila Gamucha Udila” dedicated to my city “Cuttack” . The songs will be available for free download on www.odialive.com. Download and enjoy the special media songs this Puja.

Siddharth Pattnaik (OdiaLive.com):  Time for hanging out with friends, visiting Puja mandaps in Bhubaneswar, and watching movies. Like last year Puja this year also we are promoting Ollywood Superstar Anubhav’s puja release film MENTAL. Though missed the premiere, I’ll watch the film this week.


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