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Bol Bum

Bol-bum in Odisha

The festivals run during the monsoon month Shaawan (August–September). After taking water nearby river that wind up in the Ganges, kanwariyas or Shiv Bhaktas (disciples of Shiva)(Kaudi wala in Odia), are mandated to travel barefooted and in saffron robes with their Kanwar (walking sticks used to hang the urns of water) in various routes and usually in groups made of family, friends and or neighbors, and return to their own local or other more prestigious and larger Shiva Temples to pour Gangajal on Lord Shiva (Shiv Linga). On the march pilgrims continuously sprinkle any and all talk with “Bol Bum” (speak the name of Bam) and sing Bhajans (hymns) to praise his name.
There are various renowned Lord Shiva Temples in Odisha where Bhaktas comes in 1000 numbers .

Some of those :-
1:– Lingaraj Temple,Bhubaneswar
2:– Dhableswar Temple,Cuttack
3:– Kapilas Temple
4:– Akhandalamani
5:– Locanath Temple,Puri .
Apart from these renowned temples THE BHAKTAS prefer to visit the local shiva Temples for the process .

Some of the Lines Used by the Bhakas while walking towards their Destiny .

>>> “Ganjei Khai Soichi baba , Miss call mari uthei daba”
>>> “Ganesh Bapa paar Karega, kartika bapa paar karega , Bol bum”
>>> “Bol bum hara hara bum paar karega dadhia baba, Bol Bum”
>>> “Kailash Pati paar Karega , Parbati pati paar karega bol bum”

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