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‘It was not our intention to make money’


BHUBANESWAR: Releasing special music albums during Durga Puja used to be a tradition in Cuttack, however, the practice no longer exists. Noted Odia singer T Shourie has tried to revive the tradition by releasing a Puja album online recently, which has turned into an instant hit among the youth. Shourie talks to Binita Jaiswal about his new album and about the Odia music industry.

Q: What urged to release a special Puja album after so many years?

A: Puja songs used to be an integral part of Cuttack’s Dusshera in the 70s and 80s. Noted musicians and singers released their best albums during puja.

But slowly, this tradition disappeared from Odisha

. It hurts me when I see youths dancing to the tune of Telugu, Bhojpuri and Bollywood songs during the immersion procession. I wanted to create a perfect Odia puja album suited to the mood and grandiosity of the Cuttack Durga Puja, which can be played at pandals and bhasani. Being a singer, I thought it was my duty to provide good music to people.

Q: Tell us something about your album.

A: The album is called Udila Gamucha Udila and contains seven songs. The songs have been written and composed by Swarup Nayak and sung by me. All of them are peppy numbers, full of masti, to suit the bhasani mood. My personal favorite in the album is “Maa lo Maa aa, To jhia bohu ku to nari jati ku, ghanta ghodei panata kani tale rakhi tha”. In this song, we have tried to highlight the rising crimes against women in our society. The album is available on YouTube and my website and

Q: Why did you decide to upload the songs on YouTube and other websites instead of launching the album commercially?

A: Our intention was not to make money. We only wanted to revive the trend of puja songs and create some good music. In this tech-savvy age, I thought releasing the album online would be the best idea. The album is a Durga Puja gift to Odia music lovers.

Q: In your opinion, why did the tradition of puja albums end?

A: Declining sale of music CDs is a major reason behind it. Music companies do not want to take any risk by releasing Puja albums. Availability of many vulgar songs in the market has also affected the tradition. There is no censorship on vulgar songs at all.

Q: What’s your take on the current music scenario in the Odia film industry?

A: Nowadays, anyone who has money becomes a producer and starts making films. They are neither professional nor do they have the passion and commitment required for film-making. Such producers make films for their own vested interests, so the quality of music and films has gone down. But today’s producers hardly care about melody and rhythm.

Q: Who would you blame for this trend?

A: There is no dearth of talented singers and musicians in Odisha but even then, producers rope in singers from Kolkata and Mumbai for their films. This trend not only affects the morale of the musicians but their livelihood. Our artists are not getting enough opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent.

News Courtesy: The Times of India 

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