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Interesting Facts about Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath

  • The “Prasad” offered to Lord Jagannath and later to Maa Bimala in the Grand Temple(SriMandir)is known as ‘Mahaprasad’.’Mahaprasad’ is of two types.One is Sankudi mahaprasad and the other is Sukhila mahaprasad.Both the types are available for sale in Ananda Bazaar of the Grand Temple.
  • The temple kitchen has got the capacity to cook for a lakh of devotees on a day.


  • Sankudi Mahaprasad includes items like rice, ghee rice, mixed rice, cumin seed and asaphoetida-ginger rice mixed with salt, and dishes like sweet dal, plain dal mixed with vegetables, mixed curries of different types, Saaga Bhaja’, Khatta, porridge etc. All these are offered to the Lord in ritualistic ways. It is said that every day 56 types of Prasad are offered to the Lord during the time of worship and all of these are prepared in the kitchens of the temple and sold to the devotees in Ananda Bazaar by the Suaras who are the makers of the Prasad.   Lord Jagannath Wallapapers
  • Nirmalya is known as Sukhila Mahaprasad.This is also known as Kaibalya.In spiritual recognition Nirmalya is equally important as Mahaprasad. There is a belief among Hindus that if Nirmalya is given to a person on his death bed, he is certain to find a place for himself in the heaven after his death following atonement of all his sins.

  • The temple food “Mahaprasad” (not simply prasad) at Puri is held to be of supreme importance as it is believed that there are four hallowed shrines located at cardinal points of the Indian sub-continent i.e. Puri, Rameswar, Dwarika and Badrinath & are believed to have been liked by Lord Vishnu intimately. It is said and believed that He takes His bath at Rameswaram, meditates at Badrinath, dines at Puri and retires at Dwarika.

Jagannath Dham Puri

  • Mahaprasad is ceased to be offered during the 21 days preceding the Ratha Yatra, as the lord is said to be having fever in that period.
  • Dried rice Mahaprasad known as “Nirmalya” is also used by devotees and tourists for different sacred occasions.
  • Mahaprasad are sold in Anand Bazar or the Pleasure Mart of the temple which is situated on the north east corner of the outer enclosure of the temple. It is the biggest open-air hotel in the world where every day thousands of devotees purchase and eat together forgetting their caste, creed and status.


  • Most of the residents in and around Puri depend upon this Mahaprasad to entertain their guests during social functions such as threading and weddings.In all auspicious occasions in Odia Hindu families Mahaprasad is taken first.




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