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Chappan Bhog of Shree Jagannath – Mahaprasad List


The 56 Items (Chappan Bhog) of Maharprasad are offered to the Lord Daily. the items offered are as follows with Ingredients.

Rice Preparations

1. Sadha Anna – Simpel Rice
2. Ghee Anna – Rice mixed with ghee
3. Kanika – Rice, ghee, and sugar
4. Khechedi – Rice mixed with lentils
5. Dahi Pakhala – Curd Rice and Water
6. Mitha Pakhala – Rice Sugar and water
7. Adda Padkhala – Rice ginger and water
8. Oria Pakhala – Rice, ghee, lemon and salt
9. Thali Khechedi – Lentil, rice with sugar and ghee.


10. Khaja – Made of Wheat
11. Gaja – Made of wheat, sugar
12. Ladu – Made of wheat, sugar and ghee
13. Magaja Ladu.
14. Jira Ladu
15. Jagannath ballava – Made of wheat, sugar and ghee
16. Khuruma – Made of wheat, ghee and salt
17. Mathapuli – Made of ghee, ginger, and a kind of beans ground into a thick paste.
18. Kakara – Made of ghee, wheat, and molasses.
19. Marici Ladu – Made of wheat, sugar
20, Luni Khurama – Made of wheat, ghee, and Salt.


Cakes, Pancakes, and patties

21. Suara Pitha – Made of wheat and ghee.
22. Chadei Ladda – Made of wheat, ghee and sugar.
23. Jhilli – Rice flour, ghee, and sugar.
24. Kanti – Rice flour and ghee.
25. Amalu – Made of wheat, ghee, and sugar.
27. Puri – Made of wheat and ghee and deeply fried like a small thin pancake.
28. Luci – Rice, flour, and ghee
29. Bara – Made of Ghee and kind of beans (gram)
30. Dahi Bara – Gram, ghee, and curd.
31. Arisa – A flat cake made of rice, flour, and ghee.
32. Tripuri – Another flat cake made of rice, flour, and ghee.
33. Rosapaik – Cake made of wheat and ghee

Milk preparations

34. Khiri – Rice, milk, and sugar
35. Papudi – prepared only from the cream of milk.
36. Khua – prepared out of pure milk slowly boiled over many hours to a soft custard.
37. Rasabali – Made of milk, sugar and flour.
38. Tadia – made of cheese, sugar and ghee
39. Chena Khai – Made of fresh cheese, milk and sugar.
40. Papudi Kahaja – Cream of milk, sugar and ghee.
41. Khua Manda – Made of milk, wheat, and ghee.
42. Sarapuli – Pure milk, boiled slowly for hours and spread into a large Piazza shaped pan in thin sheets.

Curry with Vegetables

43. Dali – Dal
44. Biridali
45. Urid Dal
46. Muga Dal
47. Dalma – Dal, Vegetables, Coconut etc.
48. Mahura
49. Besara
50. Saaga
51. Potala Rasa
52. Goti Baigana
53. Khata
54. Raita
55. Pita
56. Bagini

Above is the list of Chappan bhog served to Lord Jagannath every day throughout the year.If you have the recipes of the above Dishes kindly post it our recipe portal over here, so that we can share it across Odia food Lovers.


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