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5 lesser known facts about Kali Puja in Cuttack

Diwali is celebrated in a unique way in Cuttack.The celebration is not all about fire works but Goddess  Kali is worshiped in various Puja Mandaps across the city.Diwali celebration also includes Badabadua Daka .Festivity is a never-ending affair during this part of the year.The celebration begins with Ganesh Puja and ends with Bali Yatra.Just a fortnight after Durga Puja, the city braces up for Kali Puja that coincides with Diwali, a celebration of victory of good over evil. Keeping up with the saying ‘Baara Mase Tera Parba’ (13 Festivals in 12 Months of a Year), people of Cuttack also celebrate Kali Puja and Diwali with much fervour and gaiety.The celebrations is as grand as Durga Puja .Here we bring you the 5 interesting facts about Kali Puja in Cuttack .

The Kali Puja here is over 500-years-old and it is believed that Bengalis brought this tradition to Cuttack during the 16th century. About 70-odd puja committees worships Goddess Kali.

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Almost all the Puja Mandaps which install idols of Goddess Durga during Durga Puja , installs Goddess Kali idols during Kali Puja .

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Bidyadharpur Kali puja on the eastern fringes of the city begins.Goddess Kali is worshiped in 3 Puja Mandaps in the locality in a unique way.From Kali Puja the localites witness the biggest gathering in next seven days as the week-long puja here till it culminate .With Goddess Kali , Lord Shiva , Lord Kartikeswar and Lord Krishna’s idols are woshiped in different puja mandaps . There are about 32 Puja mandaps participate in the festive .Although, people in this part of the city participate in the gaieties of annual Durga puja of the city but they keep a major share of their budget to spend for this local celebrations.Kali puja in Bidyadharpur is believed to be the one of the oldest in the city and even today following the unqiue tradition , the devotees carries the idols of Goddess Kali in their souldiers during the immersion procession .




Bakhrabad has a different tradition and the puja committee install Goddess Kali’s chinna Mastaka incarnation and  also place a different silver  tableau for the Tantric Goddess. Designed with traditional silver filigree work, the tableau depicts the scene of a cremation ground with two skeletons standing beneath a large banyan tree besides, jackals, owls, and swans being the dominating motifs. Two years back, the Bakhrabad puja committee prepared a beautiful golden crown to the deity. The Puja committee worships Bharat Mata during Durga Puja .


The best thing to watch out in Kali Puja in the immersion procession . You will witness the longest immersion procession here. The evening becomes more colorful with colorful lights , decors , band , Djs .


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