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Be safe play safe ! Happy Holi


Holi festivities this year has come between the crucial board exams and a raging swine flu outbreak in the city and its peripheral areas.So everyone should be cautious while playing Holi . Be safe play safe  !

  • “If someone gets wet while playing Holi, they should dry themselves quickly to avoid catching cold,” “People should greet each other with a namaste instead of a hug.” – Swine Flu
  • “If infected patients or those who have symptoms of cold and fever stay at home, it will automatically curtail the spread of the virus. – Swine Flu
  • Celebrate Holi keeping in mind its purpose of ‘uniting people’ and ‘a victory of truth over evil.’
  • Discourage children from playing Holi with eggs, mud or gutter water. Never turn a blind eye to such unclean ways of celebration.
  • Don’t use metallic, harmful colours or lob balloons at unsuspecting commoners.
  • Do not apply colours forcibly. Stop people from doing so and give them the reasons.
  • Make it clear if you don’t want to play colours and recognize the difference between playfulness and harassment.
  • Play Holi at office and home only with the willing persons.
  • Be careful of the ‘bhang’ sweets.
  • Avoid loud and rowdy Holi parties, which might spoil the family environment. Children get accustomed to such parties at a very early age and tend to repeat the same type of celebrations later in life.

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