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Darubrahma for Nabakalebara

Nabakalebara literally means “New Body” is an ancient ritual associated with most of the Lord Jagannath Temples when the Idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan are replaced by a new set of Idols. This usually occurs every 12  – 19 years when a  year which has two months (Adhika masa) of Ashadha as per the Hindu Calendar and that year  is auspicious for conducting the ceremony. The Deities are made from a special type of Neem wood known as Daru Bramha.

Last ceremony was done in the year 1996 where as the next ceremony will be held on 2015. It is to be noted that the deities made of stone or metal need not be changed unless damaged, but the wooden deities are to be changed within specific gap of years and the supreme power must be installed from the old one to the new one, by secret rituals.

Om Parambrahma Jagannath , Balabhadra , Subhadra , Sadursana …. Chaturtha Murtaya kara Jai.

List of Places where Darubrahma was discovered in past Nabakalebara and Nabakalebara 2015 of Lord Jagannath

Sudarshana – Fatigarh,PuriThe-Pizza-Station-Cuttack-Big-bazaarSubhadra – Polar Mahar, Udaypur Puri
Balabhadra – Niali Hat , Cuttack
Jagannath-  Prataprudrapur Nuasahi

Sudarshana – Deuli Matha, Kakatpur Puri
Subhadra –  Niali Cuttack
Balabhadra –  Sattyikpur
Jagannath –  Gabapara

Sudarshana – Dalaipur ,Cuttack
Subhadra – Nuahat ,Puri
Balabhadra – Kodadasha, Banamalipur , Puri
Jagannath – Delang, Kanpur Cuttack

Sudarshana – Shore of Dhanua River Puri
Subhadra – Shore of Kandla River Cuttack
Balabhadra –  Bhakarsahi Puri
Jagannath – Shore of Champaghar stream Khurdha

Sudarshana – Singh Sahi, Niali Cuttack
Subhadra –  Shore of Luna River Puri
Balabhadra  – Shore of Kandala River Cuttack
Jagannath – Raichakradharpur Puri

Sudarshana – Ranimal, Niali Cuttack
Subhadra – Maldagram, Astaranga Puri
Balabhadra – Ramakrushnapur,Salepur Cuttack
Jagannath – Dadhimacha Gadia Khurdha

Sudarshana – Garh Kuntunia , Near Balakati,Khurda
Subhadra – Garh Kuntunia , Near Balakati,Khurda
Balabhadra – Kanakpur , Sarala Pitha , Jagatsinghpur
Jagannath – Kharipadia  ,Raghunathpur , Jagatsinghpur


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Incredible Odisha Lord Jagannath Nabakalebara Lord Jagannath-The-God-of-the-Universe

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