Famous Odia Personalities History of Odisha

Chandra Sekhar Behera

Eminent Personalities of Odisha

Odisha is the land of great leaders. What Odisha is today, is because of the contribution of several leaders for ages. These leaders contributed to various spheres of life which have been of great importance to the Odisha Society. Here is the “List of Important personalities and their contribution to History of Odisha”. One among them was Chandra Sekhar Behera.

Chandra Sekhar Behera of Sambalpur was a leading freedom fighter and an active participant in the Non-Cooperation Movement. He consolidated the National freedom movement in the Sambalpur region and merged his activities with the Indian National Congress.

Chandra Sekhar Behera

He was a founding member of the National School of Sambalpur started on lines of Satyabadi Vana-Vidyalaya founded by Gopabandhu Das. As the chairman of Sambalpur Municipality, he received Gandhijee in Sambalpur in 1928. Organized a mass movement against illiteracy and untouchability.

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Famous Odia Personalities History of Odisha

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