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Know about Sakala Dhupa or Raj Bhoga


Know about Sakala Dhupa or Raj Bhoga. After completion of Gopal Ballav Bhoga at 8.30 AM, the next offering of food to the deities is ‘RAJ BHOGA’. It is the most important niti of the moring section which performed on 10 AM morning. In this niti, various types of a black gram are offered to the deities.
The offered black grams are like Enduri, Jhili, Kanti, Mathapuli, Hansakeli, Ada Pachedi, Saga, Kanika, Khechedi, Bhaja, etc.

Kotha Bhoga is the first cooked meal bhoga that offered to the deities.Supakaras cook the bhoga and carry it with a Kudua to the garbhagriha. The Pujapanda offered this Bhoga along with 16 upacharas on sitting in the Ratnavedi. Then alati is offered to deities by the Pujapanda.


After completion of Alati few portions of Prasad are taken to the Bimala Mata temple where it reoffered to Goddess Bimala and it becomes Mahaprasad after the completion of the reoffering process.

Know about Sakala Dhupa or Raj Bhoga

Pithapuli – 4 Sara
Badakanti – 5 Sara
Hanskeli – 2 Sara
Enduri – 6 Nos cut in to 12 pieces
Mitha Puli – 6 Nos
Dahi Amlu & Gray – 1 Sara
Adha Kania – 2 Kudia
Taila Khechudi – 14 kudia
Bundia – 1 Sara
Tata Khechudi – 3 Kudia
Kakatua Jhilli – 4 Nos
Ada Pachedi – 4 Sara
Tata Kanika – 3 Kudia
Nukhura Khechudi – 4
Sana Khechudi -8 olli
Mendha Mundia – 1 No
Sanakanti – 3 Sara
Chand for Puja Panda – 9
Saga – 5 olli
Majuri Khechudi – 3 kudia

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