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Wood Apple Squash or Bela Pana simple recipe

Wood Apple Squash or Bela Pana is an intergral part of Maha Bishubha Sankranti or Pana Sankranti festival in Odisha.
Maha Bisuba Sankranti: In India,  we count the months and years on the basis of lunar or solar movements. In the solar system, the month begins from Sankranti and in the lunar system, it is counted from Purnima (Full-moon) to Purnima. Maha Bisuba Sankranti is the first day of the month of Baisakh as well as the solar year. This is also called Mahavisuva Sankranti or Jala Visuva Sankranti In northern India it is called Jala Sankranti, in southern India Sakkar Pongal, and in Odisha it is known as Pana Sankranti, named after Pana, the main drink offering specially prepared on this occasion.
Wood Apple Squash – Ingredients Required
Wood Apple or Bela  – 2 Piece
Sugar – 50 gm
Paneer (Chena) – 200 gm
Ripe Banana – 3 Pieces
Apple – 1 Piece
Grapes – 100 GM
Black Pepper – 2 Spoon
Nutrition of one glass Wood apple squash
Calories – 35 kcal
Protein – 5 gm
Fat – 1 gm
Fiber – 1 gm
Thiamin – 8 mg
Riboflavin – 5 gm
Wood Apple Squash or Bela Pana simple recipe
How to make Bela Pana at Home?
First, break the wood apple or Bela and collect the inner part of the wood apple with the help of a spoon. Filter the juice with the help of a tea strainer and remove the dust.  Add Paneer/Rasgullas and sugar as required and mix it.  Also, mix all the fruits into the previous mix. And now we are in the final step of the process, all you need to do is to add half a liter of water and black pepper powder and mix it well. Now the Bela Pana or Wood Apple Squash is ready to serve.
Health Benefits
The laxative property of wood apple helps in relieving constipation, discomfort, and subsequent pain. It helps in the removal of toxins from the liver and kidneys. For those who battling diabetes, wood apple is a perfect solution.

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