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Atithi upcoming Odia Movie


Atithi upcoming Odia Movie: ‘Reels and Reels’ is a well-known name in the Odia music industry and has produced more than 100 music videos. The production house is all set to hit the big screen with its upcoming feature film ‘Atithi’. The film stars Ollywood actors Manoj Mishra and Anu Choudhury in lead roles. Sthita Pattnaik is debuting as a film producer with this film. The film is being directed by Ajay Padhi, who has earlier directed the Odia web series ’72 Hours’ & Adha Lekha Chithi.

The star cast also includes well-known Ollywood actors like Sukant Rath, Chinmaya Mishra, Dibya Mohanty, Abhisekh Giri, Dwipanit, Sayal, Chinmay Mishra, Jiban Panda, and Sarbeswar. The story of the film is penned by Manas Padhiary& Rabi Narayan Das has written its dialogue and screenplay.

Soumesh Satpathy and Bunny Mohanty have composed music & Odia singers like Humane Sagar, Biraj Rath, Kuldip Patnaik, Arpita Choudhury, and Sanchita Subhadarsini have sung for the film.

Sthita Pattnaik, the producer of the film speaking to a leading web portal said – “I have entered into this industry to make films and finally I got a very good script. It has been shot at the Angul and Mayurbhanj districts of Odisha. The story is based on a high-profile murder case. Three educated strangers committed the crime and took a royal family hostage.”


The director of Atithi, Ajay Padhi said -“With time the taste of the audience has changed and irrespective of any industry fans wish to watch good content. Like 72 Hours & Adha lekha Chithi, Atithi is another try in the same path”

Atithi upcoming Odia Movie

In this Odia movie,  the Atithi or the Guests are unwanted and the story revolves around it. In this film, our content is our hero and the characters are just taking it forward together.

The film is planned to release during the ‘Raja’ festival this year in multiplexes. According to the producer, the film may also release on OTT platforms.

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