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Tanka Tate Salaam : T2S


Akash & Badal are two childhood friends. Their fathers work in the same office but the 2 friends have different upbringings. Akash belonging to a lower middle class has always learnt to be righteous & honest from his father. He is a topper from his college. Chandni a poor girl from the same slum loves Akash but he always tries to avoid her although he also has a soft corner for her. Akash has only one aim in his life & that is to be able to bring a smile on the faces of his parents by achieving his aims. Little does he know that life has other plans for him. His search for a job results in failures as he is constantly asked for bribe or connects. Frustration builds up & his parents also understand the pain he is going through. Meanwhile, Badal gets a job in Police Dept courtesy his father. Life takes a huge turn for Akash as his father is falsely convicted of taking bribes by people he is trying to expose. This is the final nail in the coffin. From being a simpleton, Akash decides to take on himself to bring about a change in the society with other like minded friends. This however brings about friction between the 2 friends who were inseparable once.

Will Akash succeed? Will he able to prove the innocence of his father & get back the dignity of his family? Will the 2 friends be back together? Will the society change or is it a losing battle?

The story is not about political scams. It emphasizes on the aspects of corruption that affects us daily & knowingly unknowingly we somehow all tend to contribute to this. Its time to reassess our ownselves & not just blame politicians for all the mess .

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Tanka Tate Salaam


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