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Utkala- Reliance Jewels Ad promoting Odisha’s art & Culture


Utkala- Reliance Jewels Ad promoting Odisha’s art & Culture. Ads come and go every season and throughout the year. Some ads create sensation while some get stuck into controversies. There are some ads are more adaptable and praised among viewers and attract attention more than any other short movies.

Recently a commercial ad of Tanishq was dragged into controversy for its anti-national message, but we are not going to discuss about the controversial ad. Rather we are here emphasizing on the ad that promoted the art and culture of our own state Odisha that won the heart of all odias.

We are discussing about the ad of Reliance Jewels named ‘Utkala”. The jewels with its new launch has tried to represent the art form of Utkal that is Odisha through its uniquely designed jewelries. The commercial ad with its decent artists, creative content, soothing music and awesome filmography has produced a very attractive final output. The Ad is named as “Utkal” means the land of Kala or Art. The ad has focused on some famous places of Odisha, festivals as well as famous Pattachitra art.
The Ad begins like this;
One sister is sitting on a couch while her younger sister comes with a jewellery set and admires the beauty of it saying, “Didi do you know odisha’s another name is Utkal. Utkala stands for heritage of finest craftsmanship.” Elder sister says, I have been an Odissi dancer for last 10 years and you are teaching me about Odisha’s art and history. But after seeing this collection, I’am sure that it can take anyone on Odisha’s culture trip.”

Following the scene a music starts playing where both the sisters are seen performing Odissi dance and the ad focusing on the designed jewelleries that represents different places and culture of Odisha.

The ad first shows the Konark Sun temple followed by Jagannath Temple, Puri and Mukteswar Temple. A design representing the Boita Bandhan Festival comes in the fourth place. Then exclusively designed Patchittra Jewellery is shown, which is indeed a beautiful creation. Lastly the seenthi design is shown.


Utkala:Where Beauty rises – Reliance Jewels Ad

The Song lyrics is like this;
“Jahan Uday hota he Kala Ka
Wo Bhumi he Utkala
Sundarata ka Surya Ugta
he jahan Wo he utkala
Wo dhara he utkala
Wo Bhumi he Utkala
Jis Nav me Prasarit he
ye kala ki lalima
Wo he Utkala
Wo he Utkala
Jahan Uday hota he kala ka
Wo bhumi he Utkala
Yatra udayate Ramyata
Tatra utkrustate Kala
Utkala Utkala Utakala Utkala

“Where not just the sun, but the beauty rises.”

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