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Trivikram Besa of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan


The Veshas or costumes of Lord Jagannath symbolize various cultural and religious syntheses in the shrine. Every day from early morning to night the deities on the Ratna Singhasan wear different attires made of cotton and silk fabrics, Gold Ornaments studded with precious stones, flowers of different varieties, tulsi leaves etc. Sandal paste, camphor and sometimes musks are used in the daily and periodical rituals.

The sevaks of the temple who dress the deities in clothing and flowers are known as Puspalaks or Singharis. The Lord of the Universe is incarnated in 32 Vesas. Trivikram Besa is one the Veshas of Lord Jagannath. Here we share some lesser known facts of the Trivikram Besa of Lord Jagannath.

Lesser known facts of the Trivikram Besa –

-> The Deities at Jagannath Temple, Puri is decorated with Trivikram Besa on the 13th day of the bright fortnight of Kartika.

-> The Vesha is also known as Adakia Vesa.

-> Following the rituals, the Vesa takes place in the morning after Abakasa Niti.

-> The deities are decorated with Gold Ornaments and attires made of cotton and silk fabrics.

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