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Top 10 reasons to watch Sweetheart Odia Film

Watching films like ‘Chocolate’ ,’Luchakali’  was a treat for the eyes, where Susant Mani and Babushan came up with their best creation. Now the director & actor duo are back, but this time with the much-awaited tale of a sweetheart.Here is few reasons to watch Susant Mani’s Babushan, Samaresh, Anu Choudhary & Anubha starrer ‘Sweetheart’’.

A.Sweetheart is one of the much-awaited films of Ollywood till date. Director Susant Mani & Ollywood Ultimate star Babushan has given many classy & super hit films like Chocolate, Luchakali, Akhire Akhire together. All their movies are quite different from regular Odia films and most are first of their kind in Ollywood. So the expectations are high.


B.Zero smile serious character of Babushan is a treat to watch and perhaps won’t come again in recent times.


C.Sweetheart is the first film of Babushan & Anubha together and audience will love to see the new jodi together on screen .


D. A movie is a director’s child and when it comes to director Susant Mani , he gives his best to all his movies. Be it Chocolate , Most Wanted , Hello or Sweetheart , all his movies are unique . He has his own way of story telling which is accepted with open heart by almost every Odia film lovers.

mu eka tumara odia film

E.All songs in the film  are   shot in slow motion bit lips matched in realtime song .The Skip cut editing pattern is used in the film which was used in  Man on Fire (Hollywood Film).

F.Everyone loves the music of Goodly Rath , which is one strong reason to watch ‘Sweetheart’. All the songs are sung by leading singers of the industry.

Click to Watch the Trailers of  Sweetheart .

G.Susant Mani’s Sweetheart is a star studded film . The film features Babushan , Anubha , Anu Choudhary , Samaresh Routray , Bijay Mohanty  & others .


H.The trailers of the film looks  promising and soon went viral on internet after its release. The production house released multiple teasers & trailers which are now trending in  different social medias & Ollywood Portals . The posters , wallpapers , teasers & trailers were officially released by , The official Digital Publicity Partner of the film . Click to know more ….

I.The film released in 80 + theaters  which created records & is the hottest talk of O’Town.


J.Sweetheart is the 5th movie of the year of  Babushan , which clearly signifies the demand of the ultimate star of Ollywood .




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