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Adhjal Gagri Song from the film Sweetheart


Watch Adhjal Gagri from the film Sweetheart. Like all his movies renowned director  Sushant Mani has presented the film is a unique way.The music of the film is directed by Goodly Rath , Sachin Mohapatra. The star cast consists of Babushan Mohanty , Anu Choudhary, Anubha Panda. The song Adhjal Gagri features Ankita Bhowmick  & Samaresh Rourtay . The music of the song  is composed by Sachin Mohapatra and is in Hindi. A complete  song in other language than Odia in Odia film is rare .

Song Credits

Adhjal Gagri
Singer: Indu Sonali
Composer: Sachin Mohapatra
Lyricist: Mukesh Singh
Music on : Amara Muzik
Digital Publicity Partner : OdiaLive.com
Post-Production :  Phoenix Post Production Facility
Designer : Golak

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