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An entrepreneur by Interest & a Social Worker by dedication: Swayam Prakash Baral


The young generation is marked by its excitement to achieve success or being famous, especially the 21st-century generation is the raw fruit that is preparing itself to change the future image of India. The youth have a quest to become someone great, but that vision of someone is blurry. Here is a story of a youth icon of India and we can proudly say he is born and grown up in Odisha. His story might clear the vision of the youth having enthusiasm for becoming an entrepreneur as well as a social worker.

Here we are saying about the 35 years old entrepreneur and Social Worker, Mr. Swayam Prakash Baral. After graduating from the Sterling University in the UK, he is now a known name in the field of Renewable Energy in Odisha and also known among the Social workers in India.

Renewable energy is the need of the hour. Mr. Swayam Prakash Baral, through his company Swadesh Infra Marketing Private Limited, is providing an answer to this problem. Being a first-generation entrepreneur the road was not easy for him but he continuously plays the leadership role. He explored his entrepreneurship life by successfully starting multiple organizations. The philosophy that drives him is, he never put profit as his only priority rather he always prioritizes how renewable energy can be used successfully to mitigate darkness from many underprivileged sections of the society where power is still precious. In 2010, Mr. Baral &  few other volunteers started the Clean Tech initiative under Sewa International, with an aim & objective to raise funds to construct renewable energy power plants at different schools & communities. Since then under the Clean Tech initiative, they have done many successful renewable projects in the areas where power is inaccessible mainly in states like Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, and Odisha. One of such successful project is done in Banabasi School at Thuamul Rampur in Kalahandi district of Odisha.


Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he is a known Social worker. He is the current Chapter President of Youth for Seva, Bhubaneswar, and also the national executive member. The organization’s head office operates from Bangalore. His enthusiasm towards social work developed at the age of 15 when the Super Cyclone devastated Odisha in the year 1999. He further got involved in organizations like Sewa International in the later phase of his life. He realized that his Nation needs him in many ways and he can contribute his part by putting effort to bring the like-minded people together to work towards a common goal. Currently, more than 1000 young volunteers only from Bhubaneswar are connected through Youth ForSewa.

We may have noticed the caves of Kandagiri, Udaygiri & Dauli in Bhubaneswar have been ruined by the visitors. The visitors inscript their names on the walls of the caves to memorize their visit, but the action hampers the beauty of our historical places. Concerned about the issue, with the help of Youth for Seva he started a flagship program to safeguard the national heritage situated in Bhubaneswar from being ruined. Through the campaign called “Scrub It” the volunteers gather in these places once in a month at the weekends and clear the mess, also aware the visitors to protect the monuments. The organization runs other flagship programs such as “Save Bird”, “Make a Diya” during Diwali, School kits for underprivileged students, “Give Paper Back” etc.


Mr.Swayam Prakash Baral says “People have issues because they have plenty of resources; People have issues because they need resources. We can create a connecting bridge between them so that the problem of each other can be solved.”

His close associates say, ‘He is a Multi-tasking man with multiple responsibilities. Yet we have never found him losing his temper. He is a cool and calm person & always keeps us inspiring to move forward in life.’

He is the recipient of the National Youth Leadership Award 2018 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. He has been inspiring many youths by his charismatic personality and successful career. He has shared his inspiring story through TEDx talks at Ravenshaw University and IIT, Bhubaneswar. Here we have the embedded youtube link of the video.

A student’s rise unto an Entrepreneur

What it means to be an Omni-preneur?

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