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Sri Chittaranjan Kanungo Promoted as Deputy Director Public Prosecution

Chittaranjan Kanungo

Public Prosecutor Sri Chittaranjan Kanungo (crime branch) has been promoted as Deputy director public prosecution. This decision was facilitated by the state govt with the view of Kanungo’s impeccable past performance.

As per the decision of the state govt, Sri Kanungo will now serve as the crime branch’s deputy director prosecutor.  Previously, Kanungo has successfully has worked in Dhenkanal and Bhadrak after serving in Odisha’s prosecution.

Moreover, serving in the crime branch Kanungo has a remarkable record in the termination of many cases successfully. Also, he is the first person to be facilitated as the deputy director.

Post receiving this promotion, a number of good wishes and congratulations have been sent to the new deputy director public prosecution, Sri Chittranjan Kanungo.

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Odisha News update

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Odisha News update

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