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Happy For Hope, Online festival to help artists by Saswat Joshi


Happy For Hope an online festival to help artists by renowned Odissi dancer and choreographer Saswat Joshi. It is the first online Indian Classical, folk dance and music festival. The wonderful opportunity to artists especially those who are at home in lockdown. The introduction post on the official Facebook page of Lasyakala reads – “Creativity has no end so our artists are getting ready and coming live for you all from Home, this is absolutely an encouragement and empowering step for art and artist.

Saswat Joshi has started the initiative to bring dancers, singers from different parts of the world and perform online for classical dance and music lovers during the lockdown. The facebook handle of his institute Lasyakala Dance Vision receives a weekly reach of about 50,000 with more than 15,000 video views.

Artists from across the globe celebrated Raja, Ratha Yatra, Bahuda, and Guru Purnima.

Here is the complete details of all the 9 Editions of Happy For Hope-

The exclusive Classical and folk dance festival, Organized by Lasyakala’s senior members, a day completely with dance, the first Sunday  started with the concept of “Hope for Future”

The 1st Edition, Happy for Hope

Sagarika Mohanty, Shivastakam and MadhuraBachana

Sikruti Panda, Odissi Batu

Chinmayee Malia, Dhemsa – Folk dance

Bibhudutta Das, Odissi Nachanti Range Sri Hari

Lipsa Mahapatra, Odissi

Sonal Acharaya, Odissi

Puja Priyadarshini Sahoo, Sambalpuri Dalkhai

Subhashree Satapathy, Odissi Batu

Sheetal Swarupa, Odissi Dasaavatar

Prakruti Mohanty, Chandana Charchita, Odissi

Tejaswini Pattanaik, Odissi

Truptita Pattanaik, Sambalpuri Rasarkeli

Saswat Joshi, Odissi-Rasapanchaka And Moksha

The second edition was on 17 May 2020 where dancers from different parts of India and Odisha performed Odissi and Sambalpuri dance. The rich Indian Dance form should reach to a different corner and we should empower the performing artist in this lockdown, a Pandemic situation that’s the real motto.

The 2nd Edition

Jagruti Rath, Folk Dance

Lipsa Mohapatra, Sambalpuri dance, Rasarkeli

Anisha Anukampa, Odissi Dance, Abhinaya

Swagatika Rath, Folk Dance, Sambalpuri, Dalkhai

Sonal Acharya, Folk Dance, Shingari

Bibhudutta Das, Folk dance Maelajada, Sambalpuri

Prachi Hota, Odissi Dance, Abhinaya

Sanjeev Jena, Odissi Dance, Mahakali

Sagarika Mohanty, Odissi Dance, Pallavi, Kalabati

Saswat Joshi, Odissi dance, Pallabavinaya, Barsha

The 3rd Edition

Happy For Hope was on the third edition and this week the Lasyakala family has a lot to offer to all their audience.

Jagruti Rath, Folk Dance, Sambalpuria Phula

Lipsa Mohapatra, Sambalpuri dance, Rasarkeli

Anisha Anukampa, Odissi Dance, Abhinaya

Swagatika Rath, Folk Dance, sambalpuri, Dalkhai

Sonal Acharya, Folk Dance , Shingari

Bibhudutta Das, Folk dance Maelajada, Sambalpuri

Prachi Hota, Odissi Dance, Abhinaya

Sanjeev Jena, Odissi Dance

Sagarika Mohanty, Odissi Dance, Pallavi

Saswat Joshi, Odissi dance

Not only Odissi or Sambalpuri Dance, the art lovers also got the opportunity to watch Indian Classical dance Kathak in this 4th Edition.

The 4th Edition

Subhankari Devi, Introduction

Chinmayee Malia, Odissi

Prakruti Mohanty, Panchrashi sambalpuri Dance

Kartikeswar Barik, Sambalpuri Dance

Sikruti Panda, Maelajada Dance

Subhashree Satapathy, Sambalpuri Dance

Sudhansu Shekhar Satapathy, Chadheya Chadheyani Folk Dance

Sourav Mohanty, Odissi Dance

Sreya Chakraborty, Odissi Dance

Tulika Tripathy, Odissi Dance

Heta Walde, Kathak Dance

The fifth of Happy for Hope was introduced by Jagruti Rath on the 7th of June 2020. The exclusive Indian classical and folk dance festival during the lockdown, India’s First online dance festival where artists get an amazing platform to showcase their talent from home.

The 5th Edition

Jagruti Rath, Introduction ceremony

Truptita Patnaik, Bhubaneswar, Sambalpuri folk dance

Arupananda Mahala, Baripada, Folk Dance

Soumya Pati, Jajpur, Folk Dance

Tejaswini Patnaik, Bhubaneshwar, Dhemsa Tribal Dance

Aaditya Mohanty, Rourkela, Odissi Dance

Subhasmita panda, Bhubaneswar, Bihu Dance

Gangeswar Ranapa Nrutya Anushthan, Ganjam Ranapa Dance

Santashree Sasmal, Kolkata, Odissi Dance

Sagarika Mohanty, Bhubaneshwar, Odissi Dance

The first online Indian Classical dance, folk dance, and Music festival celebrated the Raja festival in its 6th Edition.

The 6th Edition

Sagarika Mohanty, Introduction ceremony

Tapan Kumar Behera, Odissi

Suchismita Sahu, Odissi

Sudhansu Shekhar Satapathy, Sambalpuri Dance

Megha Saha, Lavni

Satya Prakash Sahu, Odissi

Lipsa Mohapatra, Odissi

Smaranika Hota, Odissi

Rukmini Sofia Tolli, Odissi

Anuradha Mohanty, Sambalpuri Dance

Swaraj Purohit, Live music concert

The first online Indian Classical dance was now in the 7th Week or the 7th Edition. The Folk dance and Music festival has now become a wonderful opportunity for artists especially those who are at home in lockdown. This Virtual cultural festival is absolutely an encouragement and empowering step not only for the art and artists but all for all the fans of the respective crafts. The day as the day of Solar Eclipse and the event started off late.

The 7th Edition

Chandana Das, Introduction ceremony

Charchika Dash, Odissi Dance

Arupananda Mahala, Sambalpuri Dance

Roji Swain, Odissi Dance

Manisha Rani Dash, Dalkhai

Rajat Sharma, The jamming session with vocal power

Sila Samal, Odissi Dance

This is a really unique virtual performance by many talented Dancers and Singers in the Lasyakala platform. In the 8th Sunday i.e on 28th June, the event was a little different than other editions, the artists performed only with one concept, which is Lord Jagannatha and his miracle in their life, music, and dance as a tribute to the almighty Lord Jagannatha, Devi Subhadra And Lord Balabhadra. It was celebrated as the edition of Ratha Yatra.

The 8th Edition

Saswat Joshi, Introduction ceremony

Sangeeta Padhy, Singer

Sonal Acharya, Singer

Sibha Shankar Sarangi, Singer

Bibhudutta Das, Dance

Manisha Rani Dash, Sambalpuri Dance

Santosh Kumar Behera, Singer

Swagatika Rath, Dance

Prabhat Kumar, Singer

Sagarika Mohanty, Dance

Rajanandini Panda, Singer

Ipsit Panda, Singer

Jagruti Rath, Singer

Ipseeta Pati, Singer

With time and connecting more dance and music-loving people, here is the list of young talents who performed on the 9th edition of Happy for Hope from various places across the globe.

The 9th Edition

Chandana Das, Introduction Ceremony

Dibya Ranjan Pattnaik, Singer

Samragyee Kashyap, Sastriya Dancer

Avantika Mohanty,  Odissi

Dr. Anisha Anukampa, Odissi

Meera Parida
President Third gender welfare Trust,
BJD Vice President women wings, Kinnar Mahamandaleswar, Kinnar Akhada, East India
Talk show on mental happiness and the importance of the Third gender in society.

Sangeeta Padhy, Singer

Rajalakshmi Iyer, Bharatnatyam

Divyani Behera, Odissi

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