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Shyam Bemal’s Kalabati Sambalpuri modern album

Amrut jeevan Music , the leading brand in producing Sambalpuri music brings you its new Sambalpuri modern album Kalabati . The album has seven songs with a special Kalahandi Dj.Kalabati is produced by Shyam Bemal.The young dynamic multi talented Shyam Bemal has also penned the lyrics , composed music of the album . Famous Odia singers like Shyam , Sanju , Sarbeswar , Sangita and others have sung for the music album .Amrut Jeevan Music is not restricted to music production but also a leading Orcestra (Melody) party of Kalahandi and specially known for Sambalpuri music.

Contact for Melody , making of Sambalpuri adhunik Songs – 8455071826