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Shyam Bemal’s Kalabati Sambalpuri modern album


Amrut Jeevan Music, the leading brand in producing Sambalpuri music brings you its new Sambalpuri modern album Kalabati. The album has seven songs with a special Kalahandi Dj.Kalabati is produced by Shyam Bemal.

The young dynamic multi-talented Shyam Bemal has also penned the lyrics, composed music of the album. Famous Odia singers like Shyam, Sanju, Sarbeswar, Sangita, and others have sung for the music album. Amrut Jeevan Music is not restricted to music production but also a leading Orchestra (Melody) party of Kalahandi and especially known for Sambalpuri music.

Contact for Melody, making of Sambalpuri Adhunik Songs – 8455071826

Tate Line Maruchein Kalahandi special song

Akhire Akhike Misei Kalahandi special song

Kakhei dhara mora Nilambara Kalahandi special song

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