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Santa Kabi Bhima Bhoi

Santa Kabi Bhima Bhoi, also known as Bhima Bhoi Maharaj, was a poet, spiritual leader and philosopher from Odisha, India. He lived from 1850 to 1895 and is revered as a saint by followers of the Mahima Dharma, a religious movement he helped establish.

Bhima Bhoi was born in the Khordha district of Odisha. He was born into a low-caste family and faced discrimination and social marginalization throughout his life. Despite the challenges he faced, Bhima Bhoi possessed a deep spiritual inclination from a young age and sought spiritual liberation.

He became a follower of Mahima Swami, a spiritual teacher and founder of Mahima Dharma, which emphasized the worship of one God and the unity of all religions. Bhima Bhoi embraced the teachings of Mahima Dharma and became one of its most prominent proponents.

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Bhima Bhoi’s philosophy focused on the concept of Nirguna Brahma, the formless and attribute less supreme reality, which he believed could be realized through devotion and self-realization. His teachings emphasized the equality of all individuals, irrespective of caste or social status, and he advocated for social reform and the eradication of discrimination.

Santa Kabi Bhima Bhoi

Bhima Bhoi composed numerous devotional songs and poems in the Odia language, expressing his spiritual experiences and teachings. His literary works are highly regarded for their simplicity, depth, and profound spiritual insights. Some of his notable works includes Stuti Chintamani, Bhima Bhoi Grantha and Bhima Bhoi Samagra Grantha.

Santa Kabi Bhima Bhoi’s teachings and contributions had a significant impact on the spiritual and social landscape of Odisha. He inspired people to question social hierarchies and work towards a more egalitarian society. Today, his followers consider him a saint and continue to propagate his teachings and ideals.

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