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Kalpasa Ankita Shaw to make Political Debut

Kalpasa Ankita Shaw to make Political Debut! Kalpasa Ankita Shaw, a charismatic and visionary people’s leader seems to make her highly-anticipated political debut. We are told that the youth leader will make her debut if the people of Balasore wants her to content. Speaking to leading portals she said that “If people of Balasore wants me… I’am ready to represent and play vital role in 2024 election”. Kalpasa Ankita Shaw is a social entrepreneur and renowned personality in Balasore.

Kalpasa’s entrance into the political arena has been met with widespread enthusiasm, as citizens seek a transformative leader who can address pressing issues such as local issues, growth, and social justice.

While there is no confirmation of which party she will join or contest from, but she will make her political debut in 2024 general election.

With her captivating charisma, inspiring vision, and proven dedication to the betterment of society, Kalpasa Ankita Shaw has ignited a new wave of political engagement and captured the imagination of the people. As she takes her first step on this political journey, one thing is clear: Kalpasa Ankita Shaw’s debut will mark the emergence of a dynamic and influential leader.

Kalpasa Ankita Shaw is the founder of Ankita Shaw Foundation and an Old Age Home, Kalpasa Ankita Shaw was born to R.N Shaw & Rashmi Dash in Balasore district of Odisha. The young dynamic leader and social entrepreneur has many awards and honours to her credit. She is also appointed as the brand ambassador of ‘Aruma Naturals’. The portrait of Ankita is featured in an Art Gallery in Australia by Internationally acclaimed artist Lan Gundry.

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An engineer by Profession, Kalpasa persistently avoided the corporate job too. However, she soon followed her heart and framed up an organization as ‘Ankita Shaw Foundation’. Kalpasa soon started visiting orphanages, schools, old age homes to realize the needs and hopes of the lesser privileged people. She devoted most of her time there and started celebrating festivals and birthdays with children. She helped the people in every way possible.

Her hard work soon paid off and led her to build an old age home at Balasore in 2018. The blessings of the unprivileged people towards her was immense. In the same year on a social media contest for the ‘most beautiful women of Odisha’, Kalpasa was again honored with the title.

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Kalpasa Ankita Shaw to make Political Debut

Moreover, The pride of Odisha, Kalpasa turned out to be the first Odia Woman whose portrait picture was hooked at the Australian art gallery. Kalpasa is someone who has led her life beautifully and done the things that gave her immense satisfaction. Her help and love for the underprivileged have returned her tons of blessings and good lucks.

A Poetry book of her was released recently and is now available on Amazon. Lost heaven has the charm which can get etched in its reader’s heart forever! Team OdiaLive Congratulates the debutant author Kalpasa Ankita Shaw. Wish you more and more success.

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