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Sala Buddha ra Badla


ACE Film Maker Sabyasachi Mahapatra brought another sambalpuri movie ‘SALA BUDHA’. Many popular and known personalities from Odia and Sambalpuri Film Industry were present in the show along with the Guests of the meeting.

Sala Buddha r Badla

Released on: 17 January 2020

Screenplay & Direction: Sabyasachi Mohapatra

Produced by: Kumar C. Dev Mohapatra

Production Co.: New Generation Films

Story: Kapileswar Mohapatra

Dialogues: Atal Bihari Panda

Editing: Kumar C. Dev Mohapatra

Cinematography: Kumar C. Dev Mohapatra

Art: P. Mantu Mahapatra

Lyrics: Chudamani Chandan, Netrananda Barik & Atal Bihari Panda

Music: Pankaj Jal, Pratitee Mishra

Cast: Atal Bihari Panda, Chandana Singh, Lochani Bag, and others

Genre: Drama

Note The third movie in the Sala Budha trilogy. The first two movies were Sala Budha & Adim Vichar.

About The Movie : 

Life in rural India during earlier times was simple, environmentally rich, unpolluted and resourceful. The agriculture based villages had unique culture, tradition and folk arts. Sala Budha captures the essential elements of rural landscape in all its simplicity and rustic nature.

Human relationship was a vital aspect of our villages. People were honest, hard working and held values of life very high which enriched the society. Sacrifice and serving others were the watch words within the village community. Villagers were spiritual and pragmatic in their approach to life.

Unlike the present day materialistic rat race in the society, the villagers then had limited aspirations yet were happy and humane. Sala Budha touches the core of the Indian value system of hope and determination and the will to fight the system against all odds. The villagers love for their farm land and mother earth was unparalleled.

Sala Budha is a poetic story of faith set in a Odisha village during the per-independence era. Agriculture being the main occupation, villagers are totally dependent on the crops. Nature especially rains play a momentous role in their lives.

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