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After super successfuly sambalpuri movie ‘Bhukha’ and ‘Ulgulan’, ACE Film Maker Sabyasachi Mahapatra brought another sambalpuri movie ‘SALA BUDHA’.The premier show Sambalpuri movie, ‘Sala Budha’, (The Stupid Old Man) was held on 30th Nov 2012 in Town Hall Balangir.

It was also the occasion for the Mahapatra Movie Magic unit to mark the 25 years silver jubilee celebration of ‘Bhukha’, Mahapatra’s earlier Sambalpuri movie (1989), which happens to be the first ever movie to be made in Sambalpuri/Koshli dialect. Many popular and known personalities from Odia and Sambalpuri Film Industry were present in the show along with the Guests of the meeting.

About The Movie : 

Life in rural India during earlier times was simple, environmentally rich, unpolluted and resourceful. The agriculture based villages had unique culture, tradition and folk arts. Sala Budha captures the essential elements of rural landscape in all its simplicity and rustic nature.

Human relationship was a vital aspect of our villages. People were honest, hard working and held values of life very high which enriched the society. Sacrifice and serving others were the watch words within the village community. Villagers were spiritual and pragmatic in their approach to life.

Unlike the present day materialistic rat race in the society, the villagers then had limited aspirations yet were happy and humane. Sala Budha touches the core of the Indian value system of hope and determination and the will to fight the system against all odds. The villagers love for their farm land and mother earth was unparalleled.

Sala Budha is a poetic story of faith set in a Odisha village during the pre-independence era. Agriculture being the main occupation, villagers are totally dependent on the crops. Nature especially rains play a momentous role in their lives.

Like every year, villagers pray for good rains but the imminent drought and their anxious wait for the clouds form the backdrop of Sala Budha. Despite adverse economic conditions the village chief does not loose hope. It is this grand old man who keep the folks motivated and engaged for a bright future is the “hero of the circumstances”. Hope, values and faith are the undercurrents of this tribal village life.

The film captures the rich tribal ethos of the Sambalpur region of Odisha. The legacy of rich music, dance and their ethnic language provide the original milieu to this rustic story based on the novel Sala Budha written by Kapilesswar Prasad Mohapatra, a writer well known in Odia-Koshal language and has been felicitated by Sahitya Academy,and many other literary organizations.

This film is a tribute to senior citizens and the ageing population of India on the occasion of cinema in India celebrating its 100 years. I think India’s future rests on the strength and faith of people like my hero in Sala Budha. Today youth needs hope, determination and strong values and my protagonist in the film is an anchor for the villagers in distress.

Instead of looking at elderly people as liability by the younger ones, I feel they are great resource for leading the society. One in every five persons will be over 65 by 2035. It is not just the traditional values but the older generation who could be the lighthouses for the posterity. Sala Budha has a subtle message for the present fast paced complex society. – Sabyasachi Mohapatra.

In nutshell, Sabyasachi Mohapatra has perfectly presented plight of the senior people through some innocent characters in ‘Sala Budha’ and the film is a complete package to claim awards in a number of categories, at any international Film Festivals.




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