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Pakistani Film starring Odisha born Actress Nandita Das


Nandita Das is no doubt the queen of unconventional cinema.Her Pakistani movie, Ramchand Pakistani which was directed by a young Pakistani filmmaker Mehreen Jabar & also stars some famous television actors from Pakistan was released in the year 2008.

Nandita Das character in the film is of the mother of Ramachand, a Hindu Dalit who is a Pakistani by Nationality named Champa.The film also brings in the limelight the complexities of being a Hindu Dalit and Pakistani at the same time, in an Indian jail.

About Nandita Das :

She is a woman of substance from Baripada of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha who has taken her Odia roots and planted it deep and strong in the tinsel town. She has been spectacular in contemporary acting and has won International commendation for her work. This multi-talented beauty has done some fabulous work in Deepa Mehta movies Fire(1996), Earth(1998), and has under her belt a directorial debut, Firaaq! She along with her grace and poise is here to stay. She’s all set to make Odisha, world famous!

Ramachand Pakistani Movie Cast & Crew 

Directed by Mehreen Jabbar
Produced by Javed Jabbar
Written by Javed Jabbar
Screenplay by Mohammad Ahmed
Starring: Rashid Farooqui, Nandita Das, Syed Fazal Hussain, Maria Wasti
, Nouman Ijaz, Hassan Niazi, Adnan Shah, Shahood Alvi, Zhalay Sarhadi
Saleem Mairaj, Saife Hassan
Sajid Shah.

Music by: Debojyoti Mishra
Moringo Nusrat Nigam Banerjee
Sarthak Sarkar
Shiraj Hussain

Cinematography: Sofian Khan
Edited by : Aseem Sinha
Production company :
Percept Picture Company
Distributed: Geo Films
Museum of Modern Art
Release date
October 2, 2008 (Pakistan)
Running time
103 minutes
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu
Budget ₨60.0 crore (US$5.7 million)

nandita-dasRamchand Pakistani is an Urdu-language Pakistani drama film directed by Mehreen Jabbar and produced by Javed Jabbar. The film features Nandita Das, Rashid Farooqi, Syed Fazel Hussain, Maria Wasti and Noman Ijaz in lead roles. The film is based on a true story of a boy who inadvertently crosses the border between Pakistan and India and the following ordeal that his family has to go through.Ramchand Pakistani was also released in India.

Champa (Nandita Das) is a Hindu woman who is left desolate when her young son and husband disappear one day from their village at the Pakistan-India border near Nagarparkar, in Tharparkar. The film depicts the crossing of the Pakistan-India border, during a period (June 2002) of war-like tension between the two countries, by two members of a Pakistani Hindu family belonging to the ‘untouchable’ dalit caste, and the extraordinary consequences of this unintended action upon the lives of a woman, a man, and their son.

The film is about a Hindu Dalit family living in Pakistan peacefully. Ramchand, the main protagonist, is the son of Shankar and Champa. One day, after an altercation with his mother, Ramchand runs away in anger and, accidentally, crosses the Indo-Pakistan border into India. His father follows him and, he too, crosses the border into India.

After being arrested by the border security personnel, they are sent to a prison in India and stay there for a long time. They get a release order soon, but later it turns out to be a mistake and they are sent back to the jail. Meanwhile, Ramchand’s mother, Champa, leads a life of loneliness and although she takes a temporary job in a faraway place, she returns to her village.

Finally, after a long, when Ramchand has grown a few years, he gets released. He returns home to his mother. His father, Shankar, also gets released soon after. They are united and there, the film ends.

The singular theme of the film is how a child from Pakistan aged eight years learns to cope with the trauma of forced separation from his mother while being held prisoner, along with his father in the jail of a country (India), which is hostile to his own (Pakistan). Meanwhile, the wife-mother, devastated by their sudden disappearance builds a new chapter of her life, by her solitary struggle for sheer survival.



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