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Oyo offers free stays to medical practitioners in these Countries

Oyo, the hospitality unicorn is offering a free stay to medical practitioners in the US. According to an article published in Your Story, sources inside OYO confirmed that they are looking to support the Indian central and state governments in every way possible.

Ritesh Agarwal’s hospitality unicorn OYO has opened its hotels and homes to provide free stay for medical practitioners in the US, according to a tweet by Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the President of the United States.

As per report the existing hotels and homes of OYO in the US will be open to doctors, nurses, and all healthcare practitioners and first responders, who are fighting to curb the spread of coronavirus on an everyday basis.

OYO which is currently operational in the US has confirmed that they are in talks with the central and state governments of India as well and is looking to support the administrations in every way possible.

OYO also donates ₹2.5 cr to the #PMCaresFund. As of now, OYO supports the health workers of India, the USA, SE Asia & Scotland.

India is in a 21-day national lockdown, closing down most commercial services and enterprises, including hotels and hospitality services. But the government circular did confirm that the essential services like healthcare, medicines, and groceries will be available.

Not only OYO, startups like Ola are also doing their part to ensure that they can help those affected by the crisis.

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