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Badi Nursingha Bije for prevention of Pandemic Nobel Corona Virus


The Culture and consciousness of Lord Jagannath are unique. Lord Jagannath displays many human activities through his Leelas. All the rituals related to the Lord of the Universe are associated with the eradication of all dangers from this universe. To eradicate the disaster of mass death, every year, On Chaitra Shukla Chaturthi, the Badi Nrusingha Bije ritual is conducted.

On Chaitra Shukla Chaturthi Badi Nrusingha Bije is held at the Lord Jagannath temple, Puri. After the completion of Madhyanna Dhupa, Nrusingha receives Aagyanmala adorns the Vimana parked at Jhulan Mandapa near Mukti Mandapa by Puspalaka and Mahajana Servitors. Then the deity is taken towards the four Ashramas through Singhadwara namely, Markanda, Atri, Kandu, and Bhrigu. Various Mathas, Jaga Akhedas, and Various residents offer Panti Bhoga to the deity. Then the deity returns back to Shri Mandira.

This ritual is significant in eradicating disastrous mass deaths due to viruses and viral diseases. This ritual was first conducted in 1904, after the then Commander of the Jagannath Temple Police, Mr.Rajkishore Ray, consulted the Pandits of the Muktimandapa, and prayed to Mahaprabhu to save the country from a deadly disease which was killing a huge number of people at that time. Mahaprabhu through the Nagara Parikrama conquered the disease as Shri Badi Nrusingha and after the ritual, the disease was eradicated.

lord-jagannath-imagesToday, history has repeated itself. At present, the whole world is suffering from the Corona Virus and this deadly disease has claimed millions of lives. So we urge everyone to pray to Mahaprabhu and strengthen the faith so that the disease can be eradicated.

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Courtesy – Shri Jagannath Facebook Page.



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