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Odisha Pattachitra adorns wall of Denmark PM’s residence

Odisha Pattachitra adorns wall of Denmark PM’s residence. Hon’ble PM Modi is now on an official visit to three European nations. On Tuesday he reached Denmark and meet with the officials there. The main reason of the visit is to solve the bilateral issues and to strengthen the global interest.

He also interacted with business leaders for future business possibilities in India and also the India- EU free trade deal with a possibility to be done soon. Reports. While he was addressing the Indian community in Berlin the huge group started hopping ‘ 2024, Modi Once More’. This proves the popularity and value of Modi’s face.

On 3rd May he reached Copenhagen and was welcomed by Denmark’s Pri-Minister Danish. The two leaders discussed some important matters like boosting the bilateral relationship and strengthening India and Denmark ties.

After that, She welcomed the Indian PM for a tour of her residence where she showed a  Pattachitra painting. isn’t it a great moment for we, the people of Odisha? Ofcourse it is.  Check out the painting below.

That Pattachitra painting is a traditional painting form of Odisha. It is made on clothes and shows the Ram Darbar or the Court of Lord Sri Rama. It was gifted by PM Narendra Modi to The Denmark Prime Minister in her last visit to India.

Hon’ble Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan took to twitter and thanked Honb’le PM Narendra Modi for his contribution and ideas to showcase Odisha’s rich culture and tradition in globally. We can take this a success of ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign.

Odisha Pattachitra adorns wall of Denmark PM’s residence

Hon’ble PM of India also said to the audience in Denmark, How Odia people greets others with “Jai Jagannath”.


What is a Pattachitra Painting ?

It is a traditional painting made on the cloth by using various colours. Painter uses sharp brush to make colourful paintings based on Indian spiritual narratives like Nabagunjara, Kanchi Abhijaan, The Ramayan, The Mahabharat and alot more of the history of our great Nation.

Adding a personal view to this, the idols or photo frames of Hindu Gods we gift on weddings are mostly made in China, so rather we can slowly replace those idols with Pattachitra paintings and other Made in Odisha crafts. What’s Say?

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