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Honourable PM of India gifts Tree of Life Pattachitra Painting

Honourable PM of India gifts Tree of Life Pattachitra Painting. Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi Gifted ‘Tree of Life’ to French President and what makes every Odisha proud is the incredible art form is “made in Odisha”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted French President Francois Hollande a painting titled ‘Tree of Life’, reflecting traditional societal respect for nature in India. Before few months during the US president’s India visit , the US First Lady Michelle Obama handpicked Odisha-born Indian American Bibhu Mohapatra to design her outfits .

This time Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has chosen another Odisha artist’s creation to gift it to French President Francois Hollande.

The unique and incredible art form is credited by Odisha artist, Bhaskar Mahapatra, who hails from the most famous craftmans village , Raghurajpur in Puri district . He has prepared a painting on silk titled ‘Tree of Life’ which reflects the traditional societal respect for the nature in India. Narendra Modi, who wound up his maiden visit to France, gifted Mohapatra’s meticulously crafted art to Francois Hollande.

Mr.Bhaskar Mahapatra Was honoured in Lalit Kala Academy.Apart from this he has also won many accolades for his expertise in palm leaf painting, commonly known as pattachitra in Odisha.

Honourable PM of India gifts Tree of Life Pattachitra Painting

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