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Odia Movie Contest: Tanka Tate Salaam – T2S Love You Fans Contest

Here is how the contest was conducted.

Welcome To T2S Love you Fans Contest, With Love from Actor Chandan.

“It is an absolutely fantastic concept from ODIALIVE. It gives us an opportunity to interact with our fans, give them a feel of an onscreen experience & have loads of fun together. Appreciate the effort being put in by Malay & his team to bring in such innovative concepts. All the best & may the BEST person win.” quoted the actor.

Odia Movie Contest: Tanka Tate Salaam – T2S Love You Fans Contest

To The winners:

— > 1 Luckiest winner of the contest gets to do a cameo on screen for my next movie.
— >  2 Lucky winners will get a chance to watch Tanka Tate Salaam with Me  &  autographed T-shirts.

So stay Updated with OdiaLive for more details about the Contest.

Tanka Tate Salaam official Posters

tanka tate salaam chandan-kar-odia-actor odia-movie-posters

Akash & Badal are two childhood friends. Their fathers work in the same office but the 2 friends have different upbringings. Akash belonging to a lower middle class has always learnt to be righteous & honest from his father. He is a topper from his college.

Chandni a poor girl from the same slum loves Akash but he always tries to avoid her although he also has a soft corner for her. Akash has only one aim in his life & that is to be able to bring a smile on the faces of his parents by achieving his aims. Little does he know that life has other plans for him.

His search for a job results in failures as he is constantly asked for the bribe or connects. Frustration builds up & his parents also understand the pain he is going through. Meanwhile, Badal gets a job in Police Dept courtesy his father.

Life takes a huge turn for Akash as his father is falsely convicted of taking bribes by people he is trying to expose. This is the final nail in the coffin. From being a simpleton, Akash decides to take on himself to bring about a change in the society with other like-minded friends. This, however, brings about friction between the 2 friends who were inseparable once.

Will Akash succeed? Will be able to prove the innocence of his father & get back the dignity of his family? Will the 2 friends be back together? Will the society change or is it a losing battle?

odia-movie-posters odia-film-posters

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