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Odia Migrant Worker from Kendrapara names Shop after Sonu Sood

People who shine from within, Don’t need a spotlight.We guess if we dedicate this statement to SonuSood totally it wouldn’t be wrong.

Odia Migrant Worker from Kendrapara names Shops after Sonu Sood.

Yes, a human in need is a human indeed. Sonu Sood since lockdown started in different parts of India, has been a savior. In order to earn a living, many laborers and workers migrated to different places so that they can get jobs and make substantial income to support minimum needs in daily life. As we know lockdown has adversely affected the lives of people unfortunately many people lost their jobs because of this situation. Many workers when the lost job started to live on the savings and hoping this would end but these conditions went more worse day by day.

Many workers were stuck in different places of India and were not able to have shelter or food. In this deadly situation, Sonu Sood as a savior helped many workers to go back to their homes. We all do something to express our gratitude for someone but Sonu saved their lives, the most valuable thing a human can possess. In order to express gratitude, a guy named Prashant Kumar decided to open a welding shop in his name.

Prashant Kumar Pradhan was a 32-year-old, plumber who went to Kerela to do work near Kochi airport. After they were stuck they thought that they would ultimately go out of basic necessities and end up in a terrific situation but Sonu came to their life as an angel and saved his life along with 168 other workers.

According to Sonu at first, Prashant was a bit hesitant to ask if he should name it or not but after asking Sonu he himself was really happy and conveyed that he had been in many advertisements but this one will be always close to his heart forever.

This was the best was of conveying gratefulness and was heartwarming.

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