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The Place where Mahanadi Meets Bay of Bengal


One of the major sources of water in the state of Odisha/Orissa is the River Mahanadi. The river has its origin in the state of Chattisgarh and flows through several districts of Orissa to meet the waters of the Bay of Bengal. The river forms its delta on the eastern fringe of the state of Odisha/Orissa.

The Mahanadi river waters several districts of the state of Odisha/Orissa.
Passing through the ridges and gorges of the Eastern Ghats, the Mahanadi opens its mouth into the Bay of Bengal at the False Point. The river segregates into several channels forming a huge delta. Several religious centres have developed near the mouth of the river Mahanadi. The Mahanadi is a major source of water in the state of Odisha/Orissa which is heavily dependent on the stream.

Paradip is a major port of the country. It has reasonable amount of shipping related activities. The township is reasonably developed with good roads; beautiful gardens and good hotels. The fishing harbour is worth visiting. The sea wall with breakers hitting the wall day and night is a source of joy and a feast to the eyes. Artists would find enough opportunities to use their skill on the canvas. The most sought after place is the point where the mighty Mahanadi River joins the sea. This place is fabulous. The port town is well connected to BHUBANESWAR and CUTTACK.

The Place is situated a few miles from the Paradip port & holds the heart of the visitors. The place is the best example to witness the miracle of nature.

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