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Mu Tara Kie ! at 3rd Darbhanga International Film Festival, 2015

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It is an absolute pleasure for all Odia film fans as Mihir Das and Yukttaa starrer 2014 released film “Mu Tara Kie” has been selected for the screening in 3rd Darbhanga International Film Festival, 2015. The fesival will begin on 19th February to 22nd February, 2015. at Vishveshwar Singh Sabhagaar, PTC, Bela Palace, Darbhanga.Mu Tara Kie ! was released in october,2014.The film was directed by Basant Sahoo.Bikash Das has composed the music of the film . The film stars Mihir Das , Yukttaa , Hara Rath and others.Odisha Graphic is the official digital partner for the film.

Click here for songs,wallpapers  & videos of  the film “MU TARA KIE !”

About Darbhanga International Film Festival, 2015
Darbhanga is an important district of North Bihar situated in the very heart of Mithilanchal province of India. Being the cultural capital of Bihar it has its own identity in India. The city is distinguished by its art & cultural environment publicized countrywide. It is well known worldwide for its heritages & historical monuments belonging to “DARBHANGA KINGDOM”. Darbhanga is covered by the Indian State of West Bengal from south & the country Nepal from east. It is also known as “GATEWAY TO BENGAL” and so named as “DAR‐E‐BANG & finally modified as “DARBHANGA”.
The “DARBHANGA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESIVAL” is the first & only international film festival of Bihar, India. It is the grand event of the entire Bihar held every year since 2013. The organising body of this very event is “DARBHANGA FILM CLUB”, which is a non‐profitable organisation run & managed by several film enthusiastic people. DIFF was founded by MERAJ SIDDIQUI. He is Founder & Chairman of Darbhanga Film Club and also an independent film maker & VFX artist. The Darbhanga Film Club was established keeping the perspective for serving the society by art & Culture involving film & media activities. The first event organised by Darbhanga Film Club was 1st DARBHANGA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL held in 2013. Since then, the organisation has contributed & conducted many social events and made them successful.
triple-m-CorpDIFF provides a platform to the newcomers in the film industry across the world. It admits the films of different languages related to various social issues including social, economical & political subjects. As many of the short, fiction & documentary movies are not shown on the silver screen, DIFF specially promotes those movies and appreciates the work of the creative artists belonging to movies among the mass. DIFF also aims to promote the culture of MITHILA & make the the level of MAITHILI Cinema (Movies concerning to the language of Mithilanchal) analogous to the cinemas of other languages. It works to boost & uplift the art, culture & economical development of regional movies by sharing the different technical & non technical aspects among the film fraternity. The subjects related to society, tragedy, struggle in life along with other social issues are being focused in the film festival. DIFF invites Short, Fiction, documentary, animation & feature films to be shown on the screen.

Click to visit the  the official facebook page of the film .

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