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The most famous Coir Crafts of Odisha

The most famous Coir Crafts of Odisha. Among the famous art and craft of Odisha, coir fiber has the state’s greatest contributions to the arts and crafts of the country. The lightweight, yellow-colored fibers are molded into animal and bird designs as well as decorative items. Some of the popular animal figures include elephants, horses, crocodiles, and dinosaurs.

The most famous Coir Crafts of Odisha


Silver filigree: Silver filigree is locally called ‘Tarakasi’. It is a silver craft, which has captured the imagination of the people the world over. It is one of the exquisite traditions of silver craft. more…

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Crafted Bottles: “Crafted Bottles/Art Bottles” are a true collector’s delight. These bottles are painted in enrapture art form, depicting scenes from the life of Lord Jagannath. Unique, with a burst of colors, they make an irresistible buy. These bottles are mainly made by the villagers of Raghurajpur. The village is popularly known as The Craftsman village. more …

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The most famous Coir Crafts of Odisha

Terracotta Clay crafts: Terracotta Clay crafts of Odisha are mainly practiced by the tribal people of Odisha. This work is traditionally done by the tribal. They use a special type of clay and design to match their skills. more…

Applique works of Pipili: The applique works of Pipili are also known as patching cloth designs. The local name of this handicraft is Chandua. The craft form is intertwined with the rituals and traditions of Lord Jagannath of the world-famous Puri temple unlike the other arts of the state .more…

The most famous Coir Crafts of Odisha

Pattachitra: Pattachitra sort of painting is one of all the oldest and most well-liked art styles of Odisha. The name Pattachitra has evolved from the Sanskrit words patta, which means canvas, and Chitra, which means image. more…

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