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Miss India Nayantara Season 2 – All you Need to Know

Miss India Nayantara Season 2

Miss India Nayantara Season 2: Caste , color, creed , Gender , size every woman is special & God gifted and SJi Productions celebrates the grateness of Women by organizing Miss India Nayantara to promote Odisha and Odia people globally . Miss India Nayantara is the brain child of Global Dance Icon Saswat Joshi.

Miss India Nayantara 2022 was created to celebrate womanhood because every woman is special. The main goal of this platform is to give an opportunity to each and every woman who thrives to be successful. No matter what culture or state they belongs to, no matter what language they speak. It gives confidence to a woman and build their positive self image.

SJi production house has recently organised Miss India Nayantara season 2, at Gurukul resort, Mendhasala. Around 700 Participants had applied from across India. From them 350 contestants got verified and after that only 20 participants were short listed. They had 3 months of virtual grooming session for which they had done numbers of tasks based on beauty on purpose. After continuous grooming of 3 months top 10 contestants were choosen to attend the Finale week from 9th to 12th June 2022.

During the final week under the beauty with the purpose the finalist had to visit few differently abled persons to understand them better. All the participants went through many mental and physical tasks. Mentor Sagarika Mohanty, Lipsa Mahapatra, Suchana Swastika, Tejaswini Pattnaik, Saijyoti, Neha Bohidar, Ratiranjan, Jeet Jagjit, Chinmaya Pradhan and the founder of Sji Production House Mr. Saswat Joshi were taking their sessions and mentoring them.

After 3 days of continuous training, the evening of finale came. Where the contestants went through many rounds on basis of which the winners were decided. To judge them various eminent personalities were invited, including Jagruti Rath, Arupa Rath, Abhijit Das, Janhabi Behera, Amrita Sabat, Sindhu Brown and Linkan Subudhi. The contestants worn various outfits of various designers such as Jeet signature , AJ fashion Realm and more. Through all the rounds first TOP 6 were decided from TOP 10 and then TOP 4 finalists were decided from TOP 6, with active sportsmanship and healthy competition.

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RAMIYA HUI was crowned as the winner of Miss India Nayantara 2022. Along-with her for the very first time one trans woman FATIMA BEGUM was crowned as the First Runner’s Ip (the first Transgender of India crowned as Miss India NAYANTARA)

And PALAK MOTWANI was announced as the 2nd Runner’s Up of Miss India Nayantara 2022.

The winners along with the crown, sash and certificate, got various gift hampers from our lovely collaborators alike Rays foundation, Ruchi, Frozit, Utkalamrita, Sambalpuri Hub, AN Lounge, Meltis Chocolate, Rupam Clinic, Kalinga Fitness, Anils Fruitworld, Looks Salon, B21, Shower and splash, Veechi and more.

Miss India Nayantara is an initiative by Global fashion icon Mr. Saswat Joshi.  When asked about the event he said. he  has a dream to make Odisha ‘the Fashion Capital of India’.

Miss India Nayantara Season 2

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