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10 Reasons to watch Love You Hamesha


Ollywood Superstar Arindam Roy has teamed up with Jhilik in Love You Hamesha . The film is directed by Chandi Parija and released today , on 12th June 2015. The film has created considerable buzz. Here are the top reasons why you should not miss Sabitri Productions Rajo special “LOVE YOU HAMESHA”.

1 . Lead Roles : It’s Arindam Roy and Jhilik that we are talking about. The two will be seen on screen for the very first time, and from the posters looks & trailers of the film —they appear quite impressive.
2.Chandi Parija’s direction : The director with no flops – Chandi Parija .His films are complete mass entertainer and knows the best way to present a film. If you looking for a full masala film with love ,action , comedy then don’t miss the film .

3. The foot tapping music : With songs like Love You Hamesha , Mo Nida bhulibara karana tu and Bhala lage will make the audience feel the essence of love . The film also has dance number Madam Namakar which is awesomely composed and beautifully picturised . Love You Hamesha has 7 songs , beautifully composed by Prem Anand .The lyrics of the songs are written by Arun Mantri , Basant Raj Samal and Bijay Malla. All the songs are heart touching and sung by leading singers of Ollywood – Human Sagar , Ira Mohanty , Kumar Bapi ,Samiksha ,Sohini Mishra ,Sri Charan ,Ratikanta Satpathy, Shriya Mishra .

4.Arindam Roy in a different avatar : He has been receiving rave reviews for his performance in all of his films. Right from his debut role in ‘Prema rutu asilare’ , the young Ollywood star has been on the wish-list of many filmmakers.Arindam is seen in a very different and stylish avatar in Love You Hamesha .
5.Jhilik :  Jhilik in a complete new and bubbly avatar in the film .   The film is going to be a big treat to all Jhilik Fans .

6.Debutante Aanisha : The film is the Silver screen debut of  Aanisha and she has left no stone to prove herself .

7. Story : The strongest part of the film is the story which is quiet different from other films and is 1st of its kind in Ollywood , like other Chandi Parija’s film.The film has a complete entertainment package with a beautiful story to tell .
8. Locations :  The film is beautifully shot in various beautiful locations .The songs are shoot in Nepal and all the incredible temples & monuments of Nepal are captured for the film for the last time just before the devastating earthquake . With Love You Hamesha , audience will get the last opportunity to see those incredible monuments of Nepal .
9.Mihir Das & Suresh Kumar : Actor Mihir Das & Suresh Kumar fits best in the negetive role . Love You Hamesha is one of those rare Odia films which has multiple stars in negative role .

10.Comedy :  With action & romance the film also features the front line comedy stars  Braja Singh , Salil Mitra , Gudu , Gyana . The actors will make you laugh and applause . The film has full comedy flavor .



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