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10 Reasons to watch Love You Hamesha

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Ollywood Superstar Arindam Roy has teamed up with Jhilik in Love You Hamesha . The film is directed by Chandi Parija and released today , on 12th June 2015. The film has created considerable buzz. Here are the top reasons why you should not miss Sabitri Productions Rajo special “LOVE YOU HAMESHA”.

10 Reasons to watch Love You Hamesha

1 . Lead Roles : It’s Arindam Roy and Jhilik that we are talking about. The two will be seen on screen for the very first time, and from the posters looks & trailers of the film —they appear quite impressive.
2.Chandi Parija’s direction : The director with no flops – Chandi Parija .His films are complete mass entertainer and knows the best way to present a film. If you looking for a full masala film with love ,action , comedy then don’t miss the film .

3. The foot tapping music : With songs like Love You Hamesha , Mo Nida bhulibara karana tu and Bhala lage will make the audience feel the essence of love . The film also has dance number Madam Namakar which is awesomely composed and beautifully picturised . Love You Hamesha has 7 songs , beautifully composed by Prem Anand .The lyrics of the songs are written by Arun Mantri , Basant Raj Samal and Bijay Malla. All the songs are heart touching and sung by leading singers of Ollywood – Human Sagar , Ira Mohanty , Kumar Bapi ,Samiksha ,Sohini Mishra ,Sri Charan ,Ratikanta Satpathy, Shriya Mishra .

4.Arindam Roy in a different avatar : He has been receiving rave reviews for his performance in all of his films. Right from his debut role in ‘Prema rutu asilare’ , the young Ollywood star has been on the wish-list of many filmmakers.Arindam is seen in a very different and stylish avatar in Love You Hamesha .
5.Jhilik :  Jhilik in a complete new and bubbly avatar in the film .   The film is going to be a big treat to all Jhilik Fans .

6.Debutante Aanisha : The film is the Silver screen debut of  Aanisha and she has left no stone to prove herself .

7. Story : The strongest part of the film is the story which is quiet different from other films and is 1st of its kind in Ollywood , like other Chandi Parija’s film.The film has a complete entertainment package with a beautiful story to tell .
8. Locations :  The film is beautifully shot in various beautiful locations .The songs are shoot in Nepal and all the incredible temples & monuments of Nepal are captured for the film for the last time just before the devastating earthquake . With Love You Hamesha , audience will get the last opportunity to see those incredible monuments of Nepal .
9.Mihir Das & Suresh Kumar : Actor Mihir Das & Suresh Kumar fits best in the negetive role . Love You Hamesha is one of those rare Odia films which has multiple stars in negative role .

10.Comedy :  With action & romance the film also features the front line comedy stars  Braja Singh , Salil Mitra , Gudu , Gyana . The actors will make you laugh and applause . The film has full comedy flavor .

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Arindam Roy Arindam Roy Arindam Roy Arindam Roy jhillik odia actress arindam roy jhillik odia actress

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