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Abhijit Majumdar’s Raja special Song


The arrival of the Monsoon brings cheers to the farmers across the country, as good rains enable a good harvest and offer hope of prosperity for all. In eastern parts of Orissa/ Odisha, the arrival of monsoon rains is hailed with the Rajo festival, the three-day agrarian festival celebrated by local girls and women farmers with full enthusiasm. Raja is one of the famous festivals of the state.

While the festival is mostly meant for girls, boys too enjoy the festival with games of Cards, Kabbadi, and other fun activities. Watching Odia film in the festive is also a part of the enjoyment. This Raja, Love you Hamesha starring Arindam, Jhilik and  Aanisha released and running successfully.

Ollywood renowned music composer Abhijit Majumdar released his Raja special compositions exclusively with OdiaLive. Like other songs of Abhijit Majumdar, this album will be also a hit with the audience.

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