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Abhijit Majumdar’s Rajo special


The arrival of Monsoon brings cheers to the farmers across the country, as good rains enable a good harvest and offer a hope of prosperity for all.In eastern parts of Orissa/Odisha , the arrival of monsoon rains is hailed with Rajo festival, the three-day agrarian festival celebrated by local girls and women farmers with full enthusiasm. Rajo is one of the famous festival of the state . While the festival is mostly meant for girls , boys too enjoy the festive with games of Cards , Kabbadi and other fun activities . Watching Odia film in the festive is also a part of enjoyment . This Rajo , Love you Hamesha starring Arindam , Jhilik and  Aanisha released and running successfully .

Ollywood renowned music composer Abhijit Majumdar released his Rajo special compositions exclusively with OdiaLive .Like other songs of Abhijit Majumdar , this album will be also a hit with the audience .

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