It’s Not Just About The Food In This Bhubaneswar Restaurant,Its a complete different world itself


The Kanopy is located in the Capital city of Odisha,Bhubaneswar .The restaurant is created along the jungle theme amidst lush foliage.The location and the ambiance of the restaurant complement the most to its unique venue.The restaurant offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural elements atypical of a jungle.The Kanopy boasts maximum seats with an amazing and distinctive decor that matches perfectly with the ambiance and theme of the restaurant.Beautiful interior works,indigenous lighting and a luxurious seating style that offers unrestricted views of the Jungle an intriguing dining venue.

The food provided from lunch to dinner is as vibrant as its theme.The finest delicacies of Indian,Chinese and tandoor are prepared by expert chefs using quality ingredients.There is a special zone for the Hookah lovers.

Apart from the unique ambiance and amazing food,the exclusive big screen to watch sports live makes the moments more special.

The Kanopy is the best place for selfies & group pictures. Check Out .

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