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Is it? A Poem of True Love

Is it ? A Poem of True Love. Feel the love and read, to find the answers depicted in this poetry. This piece of work is dedicated to all of them who have once in life, “not fallen but experienced true love”.

The “Love” is a positive feeling and thus never convert love to a material, which is mortal (daring feel).

Is it ? A Poem of True Love

It’s not in the lies to save your relation,

it’s in the look when it looks at your eyes and says the buried truth.

It’s not in the dress bought for you on an occasion;

it’s in the food you are asked by your love to feed a needy, to get eternally blessed.

It’s not in the blink of eyes or rolled lips snare,

it’s in the faith that developed backstage care.

It’s not in the glossy brushed trendy hair,

it’s in the silence of serenity within noisy weir.

It’s not in the masculine physique shading you protection in need,

it’s in hands folding to pray for you before sleeping a tired day geed.

It’s not in hugs you expect daily before your leave,

it’s the respect you grow and maintain as a pious plant in keeve.

It’s not in the shinning polish of your nail or shoe crust;

it’s in the alluring smile when you accept each other’s apologize amalgamated with trust.

It’s not the division of pizza pieces or cola sips while watching a movie together,

it’s when you ask for dividing responsibilities forever.

Today’s stats utters complains about occupied schedules and time hunt,

But have faith in love, the river which finds its way in the comatose arid desert grunt.

It’s not in the fresh flowers you are gifted always;

it’s in the preserved moments framed on your working desk.

It’s not in the expectation that love has to be their physical presence in your fate,

because you forget that in beginning it was a daring feel which you try to materialize late.

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