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Silent Durga : An English Poem by NIT Student


Here we bring to you another poetry ‘Silent Durga’ from the poet of NIT Rourkela, Odisha – Mr.Rahul Kumar Das. Prabhu’s Palm was his first poetry on OdiaLive.


Wrapped in a new odour cloth, feeling the freshness in me,

crying lying inside the incubator with bright bulging eyes full of glee.

Waiting desperately for mother, to guide me through the path of this life,

Curiosity forced me to shake my pink hand and feet alike.

Sometimes I starred at the nurse and showed her my invisible teeth.

Suddenly something went into me,

I heard the word “prick her”, which was too strange thee.

The white coats became hazy to my black drops,

My skin hair fell down like the hail rain hit crops.

They confirmed my soul leaving and enjoyed my death.

I reached heaven, all were too sad,

As they already warned me of this act.

I can’t enjoy the human life, with skin and muscle a girl can’t survive.

I came to the sculpturist and spoke all night,

He promised to make my idol heavy and tight.

Dhaak, dholand full of sizzling noise

Finally, they came for visharjan after four days voyage.

Enchanting my shlokas and shouting my name,

All their forces concerned to lift me off the stage.

I didn’t get up, for my mood was to sit.

The power I felt inside those straws and mud,

Was like a strike of thunder thud.

Then I realized my presence,

It was a silent Durga whom they preferred.

NOTE: “Goddess came in the form of life, but she was unable to communicate with us as we are accustomed respecting her silent lifeless idol.”

Author: Rahul Kumar Das
Material Chemistry Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
N.I.T Rourkela

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