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We all have some complains related to our own self. Why are we like this? Why we lack that? Why his/her life is not mine? Yes, I agree that you have justified questions but try to see the other way round. Your beauty lies within you. Start analyzing what do you have and understand the reason behind your creation. Rather than spinning with the statement “I don’t wish to be me!” start expanding your presence with “I wish to be me!”. It’s like a confidence tablet which humans have lost with race of population.

Here we bring to you another poetry ‘I Wish to be Me’ from the poet of NIT Rourkela, Odisha – Mr.Rahul Kumar Das. Prabhu’s Palm was his first poetry on OdiaLive.

The falling leaves say to god, “Let me be a flower in my next life, so that I hold everyone’s sight”

The plucked up flowers pray, “My next birth should be as leaf, which sheds after a whole life count”

The melting pearl requests the almighty “Let me be a diamond in my coming life, to hold a rank in royal vibe”

The dazzling diamond says, “Let me be a pearl so as to avoid this pressure and pain”

The fire demands, “Make me water, as the burn burns me”

Before vaporizing the water demands, “Let me be fire to lit up the society”

The feet before death, “Let me be head to attain some respect from civilization”

The head expresses, “O thy lord, let me be feet who can feel the earth”

Some are wishes, some are requests

Some are pleads, some are claims

The almighty breezing the highs and lows,

defining each shape for a purpose.

Every word falls to my drum,

I behave as a deaf whose ears filled with gum.

It’s all a part of this world; you need each other for a cause.

If your destiny was planned for this then there is reason,

So love the toil as it’s an almighty plan for something big to happen.

As the finest sand holds the sea, and the sequoia seed holds the tree beneath

As the quanta holds the flow of life within, and air holds a compose to breath

The leaf has the power to create the food, the flower to show the beautiful truth

The forming pearl gives a message that before death the oyster gave something precious to the nature’s lap

The birth of diamond set an essay that holding to life with pressure can turn anyone from worthless to worthy enough

Once fire set it turns everything to purity, and without water life lacks eternity.

The feet lets you loco mote and helps you to lead life with balance.

The head holds the scope to understand the creation,

thereof supporting me to write this narration.

lonely-wallpapersAuthor: Rahul Kumar Das
Material Chemistry Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
N.I.T Rourkela

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