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Nalabana Island The Paradise For Bird Watchers


Chilika Lake is one of the most spectacular tourist destination in Odisha where tourist visit throughout the year. While the lake makes up for a gorgeous sight, there are even other spots and islands around Chilika which adventure lovers cannot afford to miss out on. Nalabana Island is one of those adventurous destination. The island is a bird sanctuary & also a central refuge point for the migratory birds and is known to host a large species of birds including sea eagles, flamingos and other unique birds. In order to reach this island, one needs to go on a boat from Balugaon town and it will take approximately 45 minutes to be there. Though the island looks gorgeous throughout the day, the beauty is at its peak in the early morning hours. Go just before sunrise and catch the birds in their morning action!


The meaning of Nalabana island in Odia language is a weed covered island. The island is a place where one can spot incredible birds in abundance and have an excellent birding experience.  The island is one of the major island in the center of the lake with an area of 15.53 km2 (6.00 sq mi). The island gets completely submerged during the monsoon season. As the monsoon recedes in the winter, lake levels decrease and the island is gradually exposed, birds flock to the island in large numbers to feed on its extensive mudflats. Nalabana was notified in 1987 and declared a bird sanctuary in 1973 under the Wildlife Protection Act.

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