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Gupchup – The Universal Food of India


Gupchup – The Universal Food of India: Gupchup, the most famous food of the state popularly known as Golgoppa or panipuri accross India . In the South, its Panipuri or Gapchup served with Onion and Pudina water and in the East mostly in Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal its Gupchup.


In the state of Odisha, Gupchup stalls are mostly found on the streets of almost every city. Mostly near parks, shopping malls, and river banks. In Odisha, Gupshup is best found in Cuttack – The Silver City. The food is most famous among girls and kids. Before few years Gupshup was cheap and was easily available 4 pieces in Re.1 but now at the same price hardly we can get a piece. Still its the most desired food in the evening.


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