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Enduri Pitha Recipe : Prathama Astami Special

Enduri Pitha is traditionally prepared during Prathamastami, a festival during which mothers offer prayers for their elder son/daughter . Enduri pitha is also called ‘Haldi patra pitha’ in some parts of Odisha, especially in Sundargarh, Sambalpur districts.

Usually raw rice (arua) is used instead of rice rawa. The rice to black gram proportion is kept 1:1 . Rawa is used to cut down on the preparation time and simplify the dish without compromising on the taste.

Cooking Time Required : 30 mins

Enduri Pitha Recipe Ingredients:

  • Black gram ( beeri dali, 1 cup )
  • Rice rawa ( 3 cups )
  • Coconut ( 1 no. )
  • Sugar ( 5-6 tsp )
  • Ghee ( 1 tsp )
  • Cardamom ( 1-2 nos )
  • Turmeric leaves ( 8-10 nos )
  • Salt


  • Soak the black gram for 5-6 hours. Grind into a fine paste.
  • Soak the rawa for 1 hour. Squeeze out excess water. Add to the gram paste along with 1/2 tsp salt. Keep overnight or 10-11 hours.
  • Grate the coconut or cut into big pieces and grind into a coarse paste in a grinder.
  • Cooking: Heat a wok. Add 1 tsp ghee. Add the cardamon powder, grated coconut and sugar. Stir fry for 5-6 mins. Remove from the wok and keep aside to cool.
  • Heat water in a idli maker/pressure cooker. Bring to a boil.
  • Wash the turmeric leaves. Take a blob of the batter and spread evenly on a turmeric leaf.
  • Spread 2-3 tsp of the coconut over the batter.
  • Fold the leaf carefully and place on the idli stand. Repeat the process for the remaining batter/leaves.
  • The leaves can be stacked one over the other for 2-3 layers. Close the lid and steam for 15-20 mins. Remove from the stove.
  • Remove the turmeric leaves. Serve the pitha with ghee/sugar or dalma. Sada enduri ( without the sweet stuffing ) is very popular with Mutton Jholo or Mutton Kasa.

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