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Dahibara Aloodum in Odisha


Dahibara Aloodum in Odisha: Cuttack ” The Silver city of Odisha ” is famous for Dahibara (DAHIWADA) .The stalls & mobile Dahibara wallas are found in each and corner of the city . Though the yummy Dahibara is found in almost every part of Odisha but the Silver city is famous for it .

Dahibara Aloodum in Odisha

The most famous stalls of Dahiwara/Dahiwada are found in Baliyatra Field,Barabati Stadium road,Dolamundai,Bajrakabati & others part of the city . Dahiwara/Dahiwada is the favourite breakfast,launch & dinner for the Silver smiths . If you come to Cuttack or in the city , don’t miss the chance to taste your Dahiwara/Dahiwada pudia (Plate)

Dahi Bara and Aloo Dum – A famous street food of Odisha especially Cuttack every Odia especially the people of Cuttack who have been staying away from their home must be craving for this.

You would find vendors with big handis(vessels) hanging on both sides of bicycles selling these on the streets or the big stall in every chhak of the city. If you have ever been to Cuttack you would have had the best Dahi-baras there.


The vadas are comparatively smaller in size and the curd-base is also a little bit on the thinner side. One more thing that brings all the elements together is roasted cumin and dry red chili-powder dusted on top.

If ever you are going to try this don’t miss the roasted cumin and dry red chili powder at any cost. I am sure you just can’t stop yourself with a single serving.

Irrespective of season it would be the best thing you can prepare. You can prepare this a day ahead and chill in the refrigerator. Before half an hour of serving, remove the Vadas outside. While serving heat Aloo dum and serve on vadas.

Dahibara Aloodum in Odisha

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