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Dhyankud Jagannath Temple

Dhyankud Jagannath Temple: Dhankud Lord Jagannath Temple is located in the Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha. The temple is located near Astasambhu Temple. The shrine of Lord Jagannath is one of the famous Jagannath temples in the state. The name Dhankud comes from the word Dhyan meaning “Meditation”. It is said that the Panchasakhas were doing meditation in this place.

Dhyankud Jagannath Temple

Dhyankud Jagannath Temple

Pancha Sakha’s – Five Odia poets emerged during the late 15th and 16th centuries: Balaram Das, Atibadi Jagannath Das, Achyutananda Das, Ananta Das, and Jasobanta Das. Although they wrote over a span of one hundred years they are collectively known as the “Panchasakhas”, since they adhered to the same school of thought, Utkaliya Vaishnavism.

Dhyankud Jagannath Temple

The word “Pancha” means five and the word “Sakha”, friend. Balaram Das’s Jagamohan Ramayan provided one pillar, along with Sarala-Das’s Mahabharata, upon which subsequent Odia literature was built. His Laksmi Purana is considered the first manifesto of women’s liberation or feminism in Indian literature.


Astasambhu Shiva Shrine is also located at a distance of 1 km from the temple. The temple is famous for 8 Shiv Lings. The temple is about 30 km from Cuttack on the Jagatsinghpur highway. To make the way easier for you, the temple is located a few km away from Hajipur Chhak (Cuttack – Jagatsinghpur Road.)

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