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Cuttack is not only about Dahibara and Gupchup ! Discover more !

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Cuttack is not only about Dahibara and Gupchup ! Whenever you talk about foods in Cuttack, the first thing that comes to mind is Dahibara Aloodum. The old capital of Odisha is known for Dahibara Aloodum. For the katkis (people of Cuttack), the breakfast, lunch, and dinner all come up to only one item, “Dahibara Aloodum.” But Cuttack is not all about Dahibara Aloodum, there is a lot more to try for when you are in this amazing Millenium city of India.

With about 52 streets and 53 lanes amongst them – here are some of the amazing outlets and shops you must visit when in Cuttack and try out these mouth-watering dishes:-

Nimbu Pani Juice of Bapi Nana (OMP Square, Cuttack): Bapi Nana, the famous name in the locality is known for his desi juice. Once you are at the Jagatsinghpur Bus stop at OMP Square anyone can guide you to his shop. His small menu includes Lassi, Jaljeera, Pudina, and Lemon water. The taste can beat the leading beverages of the market. People say he is world-famous in Cuttack.

Cuttack is not only about Dahibara and Gupchup !

Kalia Mutton Chops (Sagadia Sahi – Cuttack): Like the above, Mutton chop of Sagadiasahi has its own monopoly market. Not only, Mutton, you will also get Prawn, Fish chops also.

Best Biryani at Cuttack: If you are a Biryani fan then Cuttack is one the best place in the state. There are many restaurants like Royal Hotel – Buxi Bazar, Guchii – Link Road, Muglai King – Mahatab Road and many more …

Chocolate Pizza at Pizza Station – NSCB Arcade: The best place in the city to hang out, celebrate with friends and family. Though the store has a lot on the menu, Chocolate Pizza is one of the best dishes you shouldn’t miss here.

Aloo Chat: After Dahibara & Gupchup, Chat is the third famous street food of the Silver city of India. Almost every Sahi or area has a famous Chat Store. But here are some of the best places where you should try Chat. The places include Bajrakabati Road near Brundaban Cinema, College Square near Ravenshaw University, Zobra Park near Mahanadi bridge in Zobra.

Mixture:  Cuttack is also famous for its mixture. The mixture is special and different from all varieties of mixtures you find in the country. You will find it in the lunch or water rice (Pakhala) plate of every Katki.

Special Cuttack Kulfi –

Street food is never-ending.. so is the love of the Katkis for #StreetFood. Rabdi Kulfi – ₹. 30/- “Kulfi” is best described as Indian-style ice cream. However, unlike Ice Cream, kulfi is not churned. … Stir the milk, condensed milk, and dry milk powder together in a heavy-bottomed pan and bring to a boil and then freeze it. The Rabdi Kulfi we are talking about is perhaps found only in Cuttack.

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