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Chhena Poda Dibasa. Things to Know

Chhena Poda Dibasa

Chhena Poda Dibasa. Things to Know. In the age of social media, the authentic Odia cuisines are finally getting their dues. Pakhala Dibasa was coined in a facebook group named “Odisha mo Odisha”, Dahibara Dibasa was started by various facebook pages promoting the Katki culture & traditions, and now its time for one of the most household sweet “Chenapoda” that bought carving for almost every Odia.

11 April will now be celebrated as the Chenapoda Dibasa. Today the social media platforms inluding Facebook,twitter & instagram are flooded with posts & hashtags on Chhena Poda Dibasa with Odisha celebrating the accidental dessert known for its typical lingering taste for the first time.

Why Accidental ! This mouth watering sweet was invented accidentally by Sudarshan Sahu, who owned a sweet shop at Dasapalla in Nayagarh, left sugar-infused chhena or cottage cheese with cardamon and cashew seasonings in a charcoal oven overnight and discovered an exquisitely delicious delicacy, which gave the state a distinct identity and flavour, the following morning.

Later he perfected Chhena Poda with time by baking it wrapped in sal leaves, he gave the cardamom-scented cottage cheese cake a distinct aroma.

This amazing cuisine brought him a lot of fame over the years, with the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru also appreciating the dish.

Chhena Poda Dibasa

Now the world will celebrating his sweetest invention on his birth anniversary, April 11.

Chhena Poda is no doubt one of the best state’s sweet and the showstopper dessert among Odia sweet dishes with takers all over the world. It is also offered to Lord Jagannath at Srimandir in Puri. And there has been a demand for a GI tag for the sweet dish.

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