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Mahaprabhu Jagannath – The God of The Universe Wallpapers

Mahaprabhu Jagannath

Mahaprabhu Jagannath – The God of The Universe Wallpapers. All you have to do it to download and share on your social media handles. Lord Jagannath Temple is located on the seashore of the Bay of Bengal in the State of  Odisha, India is the abode of Lord Jagannath (The Lord of the Universe) or Purushotham (Supreme Personality of the Universe).

It is one of the “CHAR DHAM” (Four Holy Places). The Annual “Rathayatra” (Car Festival) is the high point of all the Festivals celebrated and has been attracting lakhs of devotees and pilgrims. To see the Lord on the Chariot on the Rathayatra day is to secure salvation from the cycles of birth and death. Check out the latest wallpapers and graphic designs of Lord Jagannath, the god of the universe.

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